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I am lightning, the rain transformed.

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I am lightning, the rain transformed.

Post by Raiden on Tue Mar 05, 2013 12:35 am

~ .: | Template | :. ~

Vital Statistics:

Name: Irie Takizawa

Occupation: Student/Vigilante

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Class: Mortal

Height: 5'10"

Weight: Regular: 120 lbs
In suit: 210 lbs

Appearance: Irie has a very slender appearance for a boy, he doe's not have defined muscle features or anything of the like; his body is very slim. He has long very blonde nearly white hair that drags across his forehead, sometimes he pushes his hair back for a more 'heroic' look. His face is soft but his eyes are not those of a soft person, they have fire behind them to those who are keen enough to notice. He has lanky arms and legs, his legs especially are noticeably thin as he typically wears skinny jeans. His outfits normally don't stray far from a hoodie or a green infantry jacket and a pair of jeans, typically he can be found wearing a backpack as well, and he wears black boots that reach past his ankles normally or a pair of lowtop sneakers.


Irie has a second persona that he goes by at night, "Raiden" or "Lightning, The Rain Transformed". When going by this persona he undergoes a costume change that he keeps in his bedroom locked up tight. The outfit when put together looks like one seamless outfit but it is divided into parts of the body put on separately and attach by very strong zippers. He wears a helmet that protects his jaw and forehead (and cranium) from damage, the helmet is made of a strong alloy metal and the visor is made from a tough tempered glass. The rest of the suit consists of numerous light but resistant materials to protect Irie's body from any minor to major blows. People would say he is a cyborg ninja if they saw him, it protects his identity and body.



-Siedeku Takizawa [Father] {Deceased} Cause of death: Executed by arch nemesis.
-Saki Takizawa [Mother] {Active}

Personality: Irie has a strong sense of justice, and being brought up into a family of scientists and politicians who have fought for the rights of the weak. Irie has the philosophy that he must protect the weak himself and not rely on government actions and bills and laws to be passed to do so, he shares the sentiment with his father, who met a horrible fate following this same philosophy. When Irie had seen his father cut down by a boy about his age maybe younger who was hired by a government sanction to take out the family, he took a vow of vengeance to seek out the culprit or culprits behind the downfall of his father. He has a strong sense of love but has never gotten close to anyone other than his family members, he isn't very good with speaking to others that he hasn't grown comfortable around, though things can drastically change when he changes his persona to Raiden; he becomes cocky and more brave or courageous.

Sexuality: Straight, has no experience and doesn't flirt well.

Preferences: Raiden finds girls with long hair attractive who are skinny with a medium size bust and a large butt, and is a sucker for a girl in leggings.

Likes: Standing up for those who cant defend themselves (displays this in school often). Home-cooked meals, a nice soft bed, swords, the rain and lightning.

Dislikes: Bullies, the government, spicy foods.

Back story:

Irie and his parents

History: Irie was brought up into a family of Philosophers, Scientists, and Politicians; all his life he has been exposed to the evil's of the world in small doses while it being on tv, or reading books about governments that take advantage of the weak and hopeless. Irie's parents were philosophers who wanted to change the world, they passed their ideals down to Irie as they had them passed down to them from their parents before them and so on. Irie's family has a past of bad blood between another family over centuries that have bickered, fought and murdered eachother over differing philosophies. His family specifically has seperated themselves from the rest of the pack, moving away and changing their names to avoid the lifestyle. For awhile it worked, when Irie was six they had moved to a new country and started a new life. He started schooling and had a semi-normal life.

Irie and his family were all very intelligent people, his dad especially so had developed a new type of nano suit that brought the human physical capabilities to new levels, without Irie's knowledge being kept in the dark by both his parents his father had become a nightly vigilante who would follow his philosophy of protecting the weak. The ghosts of the past had eventually caught up to them and the rival family had invaded his home while his father was away and raided and stole many blueprints locked away in safes, they had severely beat up Irie when he was still too young and frail to defend himself, being fourteen at the time he never had expected something like this, he recalled the person who hurt him as a boy about his age who had long black hair and a sinister grin, before blacking out.

Not so long after the incident about a year or so, Irie had begun to follow in his fathers footsteps by learning the ways of the blade, gifted in it naturally he made his father proud. While the family slept one night the house was once again invaded suddenly as the door was cut down, there were two men this time compared to the numerous who showed up last time and his father was here to protect them this time; Irie and his father rushed to the room where the equipment was kept but as they both had reached the room there was a boom and a flash and before he knew it Irie was pinned to the floor as his vision returned to him slowly he looked up and could see in the dark the same cheeky sinister grin looking down on him, though it was different this time, the face looked sharper like metal almost. Struggling to get up he failed every time the boy overpowered him, Irie could only look to the side as he saw his father trying to fend off what looked like a cyber samurai who was quickly overpowering his father with a blood red sword, his father failed in every attempt to wound the man; and soon his limbs were cut off and he was run through with the blade from the man. Irie could not utter a sound as he saw the horror of his own father being murdered in front of him. The boy had gotten off of Irie and proceeded to kick him in the ribs repeatedly, breaking them. Soon after he had blacked out.

Waking up shortly after he could smell smoke and his eye were watering and in pain; the house was set aflame. Struggling to get up he tried to get his father to wake up, after a few attempts his father gained consciousness for a moment only to utter to Irie that he should run, and take his blade with him to protect his mother. He got up once more and searched the chests where they kept their things, Irie's nano suit had remained untouched, though his practice sword had been covered in some rubble, he looking at his fathers arm that laid seperate from his body and took from its cold hand the High-Frequency blade his father developed. He hobbled out of the room to go find his mother who had been stabbed through both wrists pinned to the wall next to the door, he unhinged her from the wall and escaped the burning building, taking her to a park nearby he set her down on a bench and called for an ambulance to pick her up; after doing so he strapped the HF Blade to his side and ran off in a fury to look for the two who did this, he wasn't thinking straight and just wanted to vent his anger. Having searched all night he then went to the hospital that was nearest to go see if his mother had been checked in yet, he kept the equipment in a backpack that he carried, the HF Blade was now strapped to his back somewhat concealed behind the backpack.

After sometime him and his mother had moved into another home, where his mother had taken on two jobs; Irie was normally home alone. Life over the next year seemed to have returned to normal, there was no more shady characters ever around, it seemed like they only wanted to take his fathers life, or perhaps they didn't realize the two of them were alive, never the less Irie had returned to a somewhat normal life.. Aside from the persona he decided to take on in remembrance of his father, "Raiden" a vigilante who saved the weak from the strong; a prominent figure among the city, not understood by the Law Forces and local government, marked as a threat and to be arrested. By day Irie has become a normal highschool boy, and at night a Hero.

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Re: I am lightning, the rain transformed.

Post by Nero Angelo on Tue Mar 05, 2013 5:11 pm

Everything looks good, you just need to specify what your weight is with the armor on. Also, since you are human you would be classified as mortal, not incognito. So just change those things and it'll be ready for approval.




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Re: I am lightning, the rain transformed.

Post by Raiden on Tue Mar 05, 2013 9:49 pm

Alright thanks man, ill complete it when I get home.

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Re: I am lightning, the rain transformed.

Post by Raiden on Tue Mar 05, 2013 11:38 pm


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Re: I am lightning, the rain transformed.

Post by Ivory on Tue Mar 05, 2013 11:51 pm

.: | A | P | P | R | O | V | E | D | :.

I miss you, Kida Yadomi.

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Re: I am lightning, the rain transformed.

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