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Welcome to Our World

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Welcome to Our World

Post by Trever Valens on Sat Dec 08, 2012 6:02 pm

Their Truth Is A Lie.
Their City Is An Illusion.
Don't Accept The World As It Is.

Welcome to the city of Omoi Ame, home to some pretty average people and places. Located within the southern most region of Japan, the city houses many different kinds of individuals; and even some unlikely ones. Supernaturals live among mortals, but this idea of sharing the land make its inhabitants all but hostile. All forms of existence have learned to live at peace with each other in this city...for the most part. Racism still exists, as it would in any other world but there is no situation that goes beyond hostility. Anyone can simply shop at the mall, walk on the streets, or even attend the same school as another. There is no segregation or organized hatred. Just situations of simply personal preference.

Humanity makes good use of their technology as well as their other living resources however. Some believe that supernaturals are only so wildly accepted by the majority because they can be used as tools to mortals. With each supernatural born with such unique and powerful qualities, how can anyone let them go to waste? Whether it be in a place of business or on the front lines, Supes can make or break any situation. Sure, many of these creatures have free minds but who's to say one can't see the same views as yourself with a certain kind of persuasion? The entire world is driven by wealth and power, it's only fair to assume that everything and everyone else does as well.

Supernaturals tend to live secret or secluded lives, despite their freedoms. They either don't want to be treated differently or used by other selfish creatures. This choice in lifestyle keeps supernaturals safe from the Talent and Ability Placement Team, otherwise known as TAPT. This group of individuals is responsible for keeping track of all publicly known supernatural individuals, as well as finding the hidden ones. Having these beings recorded in the database then ultimately serves as a key tool to help employers search for a specific kind of talent for their business or cause. The money may be good, but some of these special individuals may prefer to keep others away from such personal information, seeing as most jobs can involve some rather dangerous tasks, depending on the nature of one's innate abilities.

Besides these troubles, the world is silent. Life is as simple or as hard as one makes it out to be. The city is yours. Welcome to Omoi Ame.
Trever Valens
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