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The World of Kuroi

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The World of Kuroi Empty The World of Kuroi

Post by Gadara on Mon Feb 04, 2013 9:08 pm

The World of Kuroi 78

Name of forum: The World of Kuroi

Information:The World of Kuroi

Welcome to our world which is rather different from any other world, many things that may happen may come to not at all happen. While things that do not happen may happen. This world is unlike any other timeline known to exist. Many of the residents came to be here due to some kind of mysterious means. The world that you may have came from will look so majorly different to this one. The time and place are alike to other worlds but the residents are not. You have beings that are unlike your every day beings.

Supernaturals are the most common beings to be found here in Kuroi.
Humans are second in the common department in the world of Kuroi.
Outcasts are with the Magic being the third common here.

These beings have been living peacefully for quite a long time. That however changed when some of the Supernaturals began doing rather horrible deeds to all the residents. The strongest of the Supernaturals kicked them out and banished them from ever returning to their home or having the same rights. The Outcasts were then made for their revenge on their kin. They hated everyone and wanted what was rightfully theres. The Supernaturals do not see them as a threat and thus continued doing whatever they wanted. The Humans however were left to stand against most of the Outcasts which brought alot of anger from their side of the party as well. To keep the Outcasts going they kidnapped most of the human women and thus began forcing them into marrying into their group. Humans suffered which brought some hatred within them. Some Humans now despise the Supernaturals for not getting rid of their supposed trash.

Later the Magic's heard of the Humans problems and thus wanted to help them for they to suffered among the Outcasts. Some of the Magic convinced the Humans that the Supernaturals weren't fully to blame for the Outcasts were the main problem for doing what they were doing. Thus putting all of the blame on them wasn't going to solve their problem. They have to fight to fully solve it.

Things calmed down some what but the question still remained on who was the cause of the whole disaster. The choice is fully up to you. Will you choose to fight for your own beliefs or will you let others control you? The choice is fully yours

The site is actually brand new and is now accepting members.


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