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Meet Alphonse

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Meet Alphonse  Empty Meet Alphonse

Post by Naomi Koizumi on Sun Mar 24, 2013 2:40 pm

Because I want to, and so anyone who rps with me in the future can have info on him when he's with Naomi, let's meet Alphonse! (will be updated as time goes by)
Meet Alphonse  2adecc31ca2c215186a31b1e2d358a6b
Name: Alphonse Koizumi
Breed: German Shepherd (pure breed)
Date of birth: October 24th
Age: 1 1/2
Height: 17 inches
Weight: 50 pounds
Likes: Playing fetch, Naomi, Cheese, Cuddling, Chasing squirrels
Dislikes: Cats, Thunder, Other people (besides Connor), Being alone, Being locked up
Personality: The German Shepherd is well known for it's courage, serving as the trusted companion of police men everywhere. Alphonse is timid for a Shepherd, seeing as he was often abused as a puppy and has become very skittish. He is very loyal, and rarely leaves Naomi's side. He's an active little one and loves to run and play, chasing squirrels is a favorite past time of his but he does not catch them or hurt them. he only loves the thrill of chasing something.
History: When he was born, his mother's owner was not happy, and quickly tried to dispose of the puppies. Placing them in a box beside a local street corner, he left them and never came back. Alphonse was taken to many homes, and the last he had been in the man of the house abused him day in and day out. He wanted a hunting dog, but Alphonse was not that. At a year and five months old, his previous owner left him in the kennels when he said he would return after his vacation. He never showed, and Alphonse began to distrust humans. He often tried to avoid the handlers at the kennel, fearing them. Now in the care of Naomi, things have begun to change, and now he has someone he can trust again.
Naomi Koizumi
Naomi Koizumi

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