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Kuro Naibun~ WIP

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Kuro Naibun~ WIP

Post by Kuro Naibun on Thu Jan 31, 2013 12:03 am

~ .: | Template | :. ~

Vital Statistics:

Name: Kuro Naibun

Occupation: College Student/Spy for T.A.P.T.

Age: 18

Gender: Pretty sure he is a male...

Species: 100% Human

Class: T.A.P.T.

Height: 6 foot even

Weight: 185 pounds

Appearance: Kuro has dark blue hair that at times can look black (if in the dark). His eyes, which always look lazy or even seem as if they are not even looking at you, are a nice dark blue. He has been told that his eyes change shades of blue. If he is sad the color turns to a lighter blue. If he is mad the color turns into a stormy blue grey color. He is a tall fellow with a bit of muscle. Not a bunch, just enough to be noticed when he takes his shirt off. Along with that, Kuro seems to never gain weight. No matter how much he eats, he can't put on the weight. It isn't very good. But he doesn't complain. His skin is almost perfect all his life. What do you mean by that? Well he has never had a problem with pimples or an oily face. Another thing he can't figure out. As everyone else seems to break out, he has just gone through life with a pretty face. As for what he wears? Well he is a slightly lazy boy. If something is comfortable and easy to wear, he'll wear it. If he has to dress up for any reason, he will complain but then do as he is told. Not to be confused with stained clothes. At least he washes what he wears.

Relations: Mitsu Tori [Older "Sister"/Dead]

Personality: Kuro is a bit of a mystery. And it is not just because of his name. He just doesn't like to talk about himself. It's not because he is shy, nor have things to hide. In fact if you found out about his life he really could care less...he just doesn't think that he has anything important to say about himself and finds no reason to actually go out of his way to share things about his life. Maybe it is because he doesn't care about people and relationships....maybe it is because he never had much of a family to speak of....or maybe it is just because of the fact that he is just lazy. Yes. The boy is hopelessly lazy. It is a wonder that he even manages to get his homework done for college! Kuro doesn't feel the need to put himself out there. If someone asks for volunteers, he will just pretend he didn't hear it. Extra credit? Nope not getting done. However if you directly tell him that he has to do something, he will do it. Need the trash out and you tell will take him a second or two but he will do it. Need someone to do the paperwork and you have instructed him to do it? Yep he'll do it. He might sigh and take a little bit to get over there but once he is started on a task, he follows it until it is finished.

The boy is also a bit weird. He shows little emotion. And if there is emotion it is either shocking or deadly. This also ties into the whole not caring thing. What does that mean? Alright let me explain. This does not mean that he doesn't care if a person is dying or a child is lost or upset. No he will do something about that. What the not caring thing is about are things that are directly related to him. You spill something on his shirt, Kuro will just take the shirt off no matter where he is or who he is with. He could also careless if he is hurt and or bleeding to death. He views his life as nothing. However if you become someone very close to the boy and you are dying/hurt/in danger...he will totally flip out and start attacking/going after the one responsible.

Something else...the boy likes his sleep. He will often find a place to sleep. No matter where he is the will find a place. Sometimes in the weirdest of places.

Sexuality: The boy is a virgin....and doesn't seem interested in people at all. Unless someone wants to change his mind~

Preferences: Again he just doesn't care. But maybe the right person will unlock them.

Likes: Sleep, Sleeping in, not doing work, music, roses, cats, finding places to sleep, birds

Dislikes: Being woken up, Having people he holds dear to him betray him, dogs, the color red, being hot

Back story: Kuro Naibun was born to a human couple that had dropped him off in an orphanage. Whatever their reason was or what on earth they were doing were never told to the boy. Then again he really could have cared less. They didn't bother to get into his life so he wasn't ever going to go into theirs. long as he could remember he was always in the orphanage. He never really got along with any of the other people nor really cared to get to know them However there was one girl. Her name was Mitsu Tori. She was like an older sister to the younger boy. Whenever he had a problem or even when he just wasn't talking, she would force him to speak to her. And eventually he

History: (What is your character's life story up to this moment? Please, it must be at least a paragraph or two long.)

Kuro Naibun

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