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Aella Akahana

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Aella Akahana Empty Aella Akahana

Post by Aella Enyo on Tue Jan 22, 2013 5:38 pm

Vital Statistics:

Name: Aella Enyo Akahana

Occupation: Bartender/informant

Age: 22

Gender: Female

Species: Succubus
A female "demon" that feeds off of another's life energy, or chi through their sexual arousal. This can be done through a kiss, and to those that are inexperienced, it would look just like that. To the victim, being fed from can be enjoyable, like how some vampires release endorphins while feeding. If the victim isn't killed from the feeding, they may just feel extremely tired after, or depending on how far the succubus might go, they could end up in a coma. Other supernaturals are less susceptible to the possible effects of coma or death than mortals. When a succubus is hungry, she feels sexually aroused. She can also tell who in the immediate area is sexually aroused, making it easier for her to find a meal. The effects of feeding on the succubus are similar to those of a vampire. Feeding rids of hunger, and can heal if they're injured. It is very possible for Aella in particular to lose control, since she's often injured due to self-harm. Her eyes turn a bright blue when she's either feeding, or feeling the need to feed. Sometimes when she loses control, she feels invincible and can end up talking big and taking on tasks larger than her, causing her to get hurt. It can also give her a bit of a sadistic and almost 'evil' side.

Class: Incognito

Height: 5'2"

Weight: 118lbs

Aella Akahana 5e7135014873a132818a472acdc3c148
Aella looks to be around an appropriate weight for her height, so she's thin, but not too thin. Her major flaw is that she is covered in scars from not only harming herself, but also from allowing others to harm her. In order to hide these scars she has tattoos all over her body, though she generally wears longs sleeves and something to cover her legs, the tattoos are insurance for hiding the scars if someone happens to see her unclothed. For the scars on her face she wears the excessive amounts of make-up, and to hide the most prominent scar, which is one that looks like a thin necklace chain had cut into her neck while trying to strangle her, is hidden by thick leather choker. She generally wears clothes that allows her cleavage to be in the open, and that's tight enough to show off her curves so that she can use her sexual appeal to get information or a quick meal.
Right arm: Aella Akahana Women_sleeve_008_zps23943be4
Back and left arm: Aella Akahana Images2_zps5b29f8b6
Right side of neck and chest: Aella Akahana Neck_zpsc04858fd
Left abdomen and side: Aella Akahana Flower-and-star-tattoos_zps96ac360a
Right abdomen:
Aella Akahana Teenage-Girls-Side-Stomach-Tattoo-Trend-520x438_zps19f4a62b
Right abdomen above pervious one:
Aella Akahana Side_zps4b9a0378
Left leg: Aella Akahana Leg_zps47ee6592

Relations: Moxxi Desdemona: Mother (Deceased)
Raiden Akahana: Father (Living)
Stephan Desdemona: Stepfather (Living)
Ariella Desdemona: Stepsister (Deceased)

Personality: Aella is a self-mutilator. She gets enjoyment out of injuring herself through various different methods. On top of that, she’s also an Opheliac. This means that she enjoys self-destruction. She basically likes to push away her healthy relationships and gets enjoyment out of being in abusive relationships. She’s good at hiding this though. To do that, she does her best to be cheerful and attempts to be friendly with everyone. Behind the scenes though, she attempts to sabotage any healthy relationships in any way possible. While having her relationships break up it does bring pain, as does being in an abusive relationship, but at the same time for her, that pain brings her a certain joy. The reason that Aella is like this though, is because she doesn't feel she deserves happiness.

Sexuality: Aella is homosexual. She's only slept with one woman at this point, but she does act fairly sexual due to her species.

Preferences: Aella likes girls with tattoos, piercings, and gauges, but she won't be terribly upset i a woman didn't have those. She also prefers when women have hair down to their shoulders or longer. Being the species that she is, being around people that are turned on, it'll have a similar effect on her, as does needing to feed. Like most, she can't help herself when it comes to excessive physical contact (With women, males don't have that effect on her). Her only real rule when it comes to women is that they actually look like women and wear women's clothes, so she doesn't enjoy the company of 'butch' women.

-Art of all kinds (especially tattoos).
-The effects of alcohol on most women.
-Serving alcoholic drinks.
-The sight of blood (mostly her own).

-Small, furry animals that aren't cats.
-The effects of alcohol on most men.
-Salty foods, like peanuts.

Back story:

History: Unlike most of her species, Aella wasn't born from a succubus and human, or an incubus and human, but rather she was born from an incubus and succubus. Things being that way with her parents, both of them were...well traveled, and she has no clue how many half-siblings she might have on either side. Her father was from Japan, and her mother from God knows where. The two had met up in England, where Aella was born in a cabin on April first. With her parents having the sexual appetites that they did, they weren't particularly faithful with each other, and when Aella was four, her mother met a human that she actually fell in love with, and so they moved in with him, the only thing left of her father being the last name that she had gotten from him.

Aella grew up under the care of her mother and stepfather. Living with humans, her mother decided it would be best to not tell her what she was, and so she never learned about her...appetite. She got along with her stepsister who was only two years older than her. The two seemed to become closer and closer as they aged, and when she was 14 and her stepsister was 16, they began to have an illicit affair. They figured that since they weren't really related and their parents were more friends than a couple. At that time, her feeding habits were unknown to herself as they had not developed at that point.

It wasn't until the two of them took it too far. When that happened, Aella learned of her hunger, and fed. She took it much too far and killed her stepsister. She was heart-broken, especially when her mother passed soon after telling Aella what she was and why those things with her stepsister had happened from grief and guilt. Aella's stepfather never blamed her for what had happened, as he knew that it was an accident and she didn't know until it was too late. He continued to care for Aella, but she completely changed. It was around this time that she became an Opheliac.

She began hanging around people who treated her badly and didn't really seem to care. She’d come home covered in bruises or crying because of lost relationships or things the people she hung out with said. Even though she cried, it was almost as if she actually liked it. It really pained her stepfather to see her going through this, and even more so when he noticed that she began showing up with cuts all over her body. At first he thought it was from her friends, but he walked into her room one time to catch her doing something he couldn't believe.

He had found Aella sitting on her bed, and in her hand was a knife. She was not only cutting herself, but also slicing actual pieces of skin from her body. At that point he slapped the knife from her hand and examined her body more closely. He found not only what he saw her doing, but brands, rope burns, and yet again bruises. He was devastated to know that she was doing this, and he tried to stop it by keeping things away, but she just continued to find other ways of doing it. When she had turned 17, Aella's body was covered in scars. In an attempt to hide them, she got all of her tattoos.

Soon after turning 18, Aella decided that she'd try to find her biological father. For the past few years she had been asking around, trying to find out where he had disappeared to, and found out that he had returned to Japan. After asking around even more, she'd gotten the name of the city he had last been in, Omoi Ame. So that's where Aella went. She searched and searched for her father, but he always seemed to be able to allude her, and it also seemed that no one knew a man with the last name of Akahana, and so she assumed he changed his name.

After about two years of searching, Aella figured that it was about time she give up and settle down. She became a bartender and went always tried her best to fit in with the other humans. She began to realize that you could find out many things while being a bartender, and so she works as an informant too. If you're looking for information, she'll give it to you if she has it...For a price. If she doesn't have the information, she can always try to get it.
Aella Enyo
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Aella Akahana Empty Re: Aella Akahana

Post by Ivory on Tue Jan 22, 2013 7:29 pm

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