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The King of Degenerates' Throne

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The King of Degenerates' Throne

Post by Shuri on Tue Apr 02, 2013 3:13 am

"St-stop! Please! Where are you taking me?? I've done nothing!"

A middle aged man in a suit was tied up and being dragged by his hair. His captors wore suits, sunglasses, weilded katanas, and we covered in tattoos. They were an ugly mess but surely any ignorant teenage boy would see them as "cool". As the middle aged man continued to struggle while being pulled through the long Subway tunnels, the captors began to lose their patience.

"Shaaaaduuup!!!!! Jeez, one more word and I'm gonna start slicin off your fingers! Got it?!"

"Uh-uh huh."

Eventually after a few more minutes of dragging, they reached a red door with a dragon painted on it. They knocked twice before a man opened a slot on the door and peered at them. After confirming the identity of the captors, he opened the door to let them in. Inside was dark with very dim lighting, making it seem almost like a candle lit dungeon. The men dragged the hostage to the center of the room where a bunch of other suited men began chattering.
"Ha so we finally caught the thief huh?"
"We're out of a lot of money cuz you screwed us over!"
"You think you can cross the yakuza??"
"I say we start cuttin off his fingers nice and slow like!"

The yakuza men grew louder and louder, riling up more and getting louder. Their laughter was obnoxious and gained the attention of a man sitting in a throne that sat upon a large pile of bones. He was sitting it it sideways, letting his feet hang over the arm rest and swinging freely. His head was leaned against his right arm and his glowling green eyes seemed to be annoyed. Finally in a loud burst of rage that filled the room with horror, he sat up.


The man stepped down from his throne as the once loud gangsters now sat quietly in fear. He approached the hostage man and lifted the man's head by his chin, gently yet letting his long nails press into his throat.

"My look quite worse for wear. A man with status...shouldn't be treated so wrecklessly. I'll be sure to punish my employees. Oh you must believe me, I've been in your position and it is not fun. What would you like me to do for you sir?

"Please! Just let me go! I promise I'll keep paying money! I just ran a day late this time! I'll do anything!"

"Very well! We shall let him go! But this is such an awful place to be 'let go' in. Ah! I know! We'll 'let you go' inside the room next door! Its very comfortable. I do believe you shan't find a more luxorious pit of venomous snakes in all of Omoi Ame, let alone the world."

Two yakuza took the man to his grave as he kicked and screamed and begged. The boss of these Yakuza, Shuri, took complete enjoyment in watching his fear and began to laugh heartidly. He stopped however and shot an annoyed glance at his men, who had continued to obey his last order to be silent.


The men took this question as an order to laugh, which they all did loudly yet filled with nervousness. Shuri once again laughed heartidly, laughter filling the room.


In an instant, Shuri flew at one of the Yakuza and ripped their head off, while all the other immediately gulped and silenced themselves, sweating and shaking in fear as their demon boss smiled at them.

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