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Post by Manzo on Sun Mar 24, 2013 8:11 pm

It was a night just like that night. A night when everything changed. The rains pitter patter on side walk was a calming gesture. As if the heavens were telling him to just let all the emotion out. Though he knew there was no amount of tears, no amount of remorse and regret. There would never be enough of anything to bring him back. No way to unseen what has been seen by these mortal eyes. No soap strong enough, no shrink wise enough to help him was away the memories, or to even suppress them with medication. After all he was only eighteen years of age. What eighteen year old feels the way that he does? What eighteen year old allows themselves to remember the horror's he saw. The tears of a mother, that he knew he caused. It was supposed to be a simple job, but in this line of work hardly anything is that simple. He had just gotten done with a job, it was relatively similar. Get in get out, and collect your money. But something went wrong, there were more people there, more room for error. Not to mention someone had tipped the police off. Maybe it was wrong place, wrong time. Or maybe, someone had ratted them out. Snitches are common, anything to save their own ass. He reached into his back pocket and opened his wallet. Removing what little memory of Ryo he had left. All he could remember was his weak words. "Manzo...please don't let me die. But....if you can't save me. Please....please don't let me suffer."That was ryo's dying wish, just make it quick and painless. He made it quick, a straight stab to the heart. Is this how things were always going to be. He knew he couldn't save him, so why continue to blame himself? I guess its just one of those things he couldn't get over.

He would then remove the picture from his site and put his wallet back. The rain became harder, pulling his hood up the water it caught in it poured over his head."Perfect, just perfect." He said as he saw a bench on the near by side walk. His legs mutch to tired to carry him any further. He removed his blade from his back and began his approach. Then out of no where a small black kitten with stunning yellow eyes bolted out in front of him. Helpless, wet and cold. He took pitty and the poor animal. He proceeded to pick it with one hand and sling his sword over his shoulder."I guess your not wanted too huh? You know what they say, out casts and rejects have to stick together." The cat purred and nuzzled into his arm. Cute enough he thought to himself, might as well take her home. When ever I get there. He often held conversations with himself in his own thoughts. He finally made it to the bench and situated himself there. Sword to his left, cat in his right. His legs out spread, so to rest his aching feet. Who knows that the rest of the night will hold, on this long walk home.

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Re: Reminisce[Ivory]

Post by Ivory on Sun Mar 24, 2013 9:30 pm

Members of Vendetta sprinted about like a pack of wolves, all separating in each direction to corner their victim. Their noses helped track down the scent, greedily absorbing the scented trail that was left behind, their paws padding down on the white tile that reflected the radiant light on the ceiling above. Drops of blood was their trail. Rust scented, and clearly visible, as it led to where the prey had fled to. Such a fool of the prey, to think that it could actually get away from its predators that hunted it down with such thirst and starvation. Parched to know the status of the prey. Back in the white room, an empty bed lay vacant, the sheet having been stained with a large pool of blood. The rust crept deeply within the white fabric. The wires had been significantly broken, each having one specific green wire from the inside—ones that led the machine to detect any sudden detachment—to be snipped in half precisely. Now, they couldn't detect any detachment from the host that the wires had once leeched onto. An accurate and smart laceration.

The wolves snarled for help, giving out commands to go here and there, just in case their prey fooled them to follow a fake trail. After all, this was no ordinary prey. This one had a creative, destructive mind. One that was full of brilliancy, utterly intelligent with strategy and more. One that had been built for sin. One armed member decided to be the one to follow the bloodied trail, keeping his eyes on it as his heavy feet followed beside it in a frantic manner. Had the experiment backfired? The blood was a fright, a sign of failure. Horrid failure. The man came to a halt once he saw that the trail of dripped blood disappeared behind a door. The stairs? He hurried through it, just to see more blood splashed onto every other step. "Goodness... She walked down all the way to the first floor..." he muttered in a hushed voice, backing out and heading towards the elevator. Once he reached the first floor, his brown eyes scanned the area for the crimson trail, scurrying around to look for the staircase door to resume the tracking. Finding it, he ran past scientists, some staring at the held 9 millimeter beretta with swirling confusion. Why was it being revealed? He dodged out of the way of a few men, keeping his eyes on the drops. That's when he went through the back double glass doors, finding himself in the gigantic, indoor garden. An area where the organization studied a variety of plants. And sitting there on the bench, was a girl. Her back was facing towards the man, a large champagne colored blanket wrapped around her head and body, covering the identification of who was hidden beneath it. "Anemone—!" he huffed, trying to catch his breath. It was silent, except for the lively insects that created a symphony of beautiful, clicking music within the city of plants. Slowly, the head of the hidden person turned sideways to look over their shoulder, the eyes being the only visible thing, for their face was covered in the shadows that the hooded blanket created. The irises were bright and exploding with a fusion of not one, but a myriad of purples. All different shades... "It won't...stop..." a quiet voice spoke from beneath the blanket, the figure rising from the bench and turning to face the nurse. Gently, the blanket fell from the head on the person, resting on their shoulders. The blonde hair was visible then, her pale fingers clutching the blanket tightly around her chest area. Threads of blood ran down from her nose and chin, caressing her lips in a disturbing manner. "The blood—it won't stop. It just keeps dripping and dripping... But I feel fine," she informed, a wide smile pressing against her lips; the blood laced her lips even more.

Who are you, Anemone?

The moon reigned the land of darkness, its luminous light casting down upon the sullen world. A world of lies and misfortune. The clouds that flanked the ruling moon wept tears of cold fright, beating down upon each and every spot along the area; rain seemed to be the representation of the city as its blue shade barley ever seemed to allow moments of clear brilliance. The rain had a pulsing sensation as it flooded the large city in what one might call an eternal gloom, but to others, it brought a feeling of comfort and protection for those beyond their views; for, no matter how murky the rain seemed be it, it held a conscious connection to those who loved the dark city. The spirals of the looming buildings were sheltered in droplets of these crying tears, seeming to rust away due to the consistent raining the city always had. Amethyst eyes watched the unchanging skies, murky and dull as ever. A few swears kissed the intersection of her parted lips as she cursed the wet circumstance of her current self, wishing for decent weather for once. The embodiment of sheer will traipsed torpidly through the soaked streets of this city, soaking in the beauty of the cool rain. Each droplet looked like a small diamond as it was summoned from its cloud, causing ripples in any glassy puddle it dipped into. The deep browned boots that shelter her feet kicked up water around her ankles as she took each step, the street ahead looking like a mirror as a thin layer of liquid swarmed the street, reflecting its surroundings. She was staring at her feet as she walked, not carrying an umbrella like most of the women and men around her did. She didn't mind the rain, she admired it as it coolly seeped through her hair, soaking it and cooling her off. Her eyelids slowly closed over her bizarre eyes, and rose her face slightly upward, allowing the rain to kiss her face as she forced her hands into the pockets of her leather brown jacket, the little warmth given cascading along her damp fingers.

The noise around her was shut out by the light tapping that the beads of rain made when they crashed upon the roofs of buildings. Though, the sky faded in a blink of time as the area was intruded by a source of new darker clouds, ones much different from what had previously stained the sky above. "Great..." her tranquil voice moaned, feeling the ran pellets falling harder now. Ivory stood still for a moment, standing under the protection of damp pallid-blonde hair, viewing the world with curious eyes. Her apartment was about ten more blocks from where she currently was...and it was raining harder now. Just great, yeah? Picking up her feet, she began moving in a slow fashion once more, the crowds of sulking people decreasing in their number as they hurried to get out of this weather. A few strands of water-locked hair fell into her few, and with agitation, her frail hand flew up to her face and she once more tucked it behind her left ear. Just as she had, an abrupt, eerie sound compressed itself tunes into her drowning ears. "Hehe!" a giggle corrupted the silent rain, a little girl dancing as she ran past the seventeen year old, almost knocking into her. The child's tiny body slowly began to disappear into the thick rain as she moved further away, Ivory's bright eyes staring into the vacant spot just before her, right where that child had just been. The rain drops launched themselves into the puddles that made home on the soaked cement beneath her, the child's steps lost at sea.

Leaving the sight of the child's odd behavior, the blonde resumed her excursion. Her eyes seemed to radiate much differently then the world around, barely any suspicions, yet many hints of kindness; at least, her sincere smile, gestures and vocal mannerisms led the people around her into believing that. Beneath the soaked clothes that sheltered her body, gooseflesh overwhelmed her creamy skin, her lips pressing in a straight line as she tried to convince herself that it hadn't been cold. The mind was a powerful weapon, and if told so many times, it could trick one into believing anything. But such a pitiful thought fell silent, as her body was too corrupted by the goosebumps and wetness. The white dress she had worn clung to her body like a second layer of skin, any curve or bone jutting out in a defiant manner. A look of utter annoyance clung to her face as she shook, staring out into the unfortunate rain. ”Why, oh why, must I live so far away?” she chattered in a shaken tone, her eyes narrowing softly as a dark orb came into sight. Someone had been sitting alone, on a bench, in the pouring...rain? Looked like a depressing paint, as if the artist fought to keep his brush steady with peace. A heavy sigh brushed off her lips as she quickened her pace, hurrying off to the figure. Perhaps the being needed money for a cab. Or perhaps they were lost. Or— So many thoughts tore through her mind as she quickly headed towards the person, curious to see if any help was needed. Who was sit in the rain? Slowing down her pace, she cautiously approached the being. Squinting her eyes, the girl leaned forward slightly, her longer hair that fell past her breasts dangling with the heavy weight of water. Blue bangs rode across a male's face, cascading spikes of snowy locks falling towards the backside. His complexion was rather pale, and his eyes were constructed through the hues of onyx. Inhaling, Ivory fixed her eyes on his very own, a look of distance coloring his irises. “Excuse me,” she asked out, her face laced with a golden tune. “But are you lost?” Wavelengths of concern laced her voice, though a dash of hesitance layered it. Her lips fell pale with silence, and her eyes fell with lacerated flecks of curiosity.

I miss you, Kida Yadomi.

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