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Noctis Lucis Caelum [Demon Prince]

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Noctis Lucis Caelum [Demon Prince]

Post by Noctis on Wed Mar 20, 2013 2:00 am

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Vital Statistics:

Name: Noctis Lucis Caelum

Occupation: Bodyguard/Prince

Age: 193

Gender: Male

Species: Demon

Class: Incognito

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 124 lbs


Demon(Normal) Noctis: Noctis has short, spiky, black hair and blue eyes. Although, his eyes can change color along with his emotions and actions in battle. He is of medium height and very light in weight. He wears a short sleeved black infantry jacket with a dark red undershirt. He also wears calf length cargo pants and long boots that cover up to his pant legs.

When Noctis enters his Angelic form his hair changes to a platinum blonde colour, also growing a longer length and his eyes change to a deep purple color.





Personality: Demon(Normal) Noctis: A very cocky young prince, he speaks proper and dresses in fine clothing, his attire deceives those who meet him; thinking he will be a gentleman. He doesn't think much of mortals but enjoys protecting those who pay him to in some shape or form. He has a large greed, though it isn't money that he truly wants; no matter how much he may deny it, Noctis desires to have many friends. And women, are his bane. He cannot fight a woman, and he fawns over ones he finds attractive.

Angelic Noctis: A determined young prince, he can be very arrogant; and proud. Noctis is very mysterious, he doesn't speak much in his angelic form. His actions do all the speaking for him typically, his expressions typically vocalize his opinions in a conversation. In this form, he loses interest in money and women, and focuses his interests on power and desires to see the power of others, and test his own.

Sexuality: Straight, an experienced lover; and when in his demon form he can be very sexual.

Preferences: Skirts, blonde or black hair, skinny, long hair.

Likes: Swords, power, girls, money.

Dislikes: Doubt, cell phones, his father.

Back story:

History: Noctis was born into the Royal Caelum family that has been ruling a section of Hell for centuries, growing up with the blood of the tyrant king of Hell Malzahar in him; he was naturally powerful. Noctis disagreed with his father on many things; from about how Hell was run, to the human world and how they're interaction with them would go. Malzahar wanted to use the 'crystal' which was what fueled the power of the Tyrant. Noctis disagreed with his father and suggested that they keep themselves seperated from the humans; Noctis did not like the idea of being near mortals. Over time their argument and bickering became more violent with each go at it.

The final fight between the two drew a line in the sand within the royal family; not a soul took Noctis' side as he lost to his father not only physically but in a political bout to get Hell on eachothers sides. His father banished Noctis from Hell, though from the commotion of the fight between the two the cathedral that housed their family was beginning to collapse over them. Noctis used this chance to slip away and begin his preparations to ruin his fathers plans before he could follow them.

Noctis stole the crystal from the chamber room which it was kept it, though upon touching it he could feel something change from within him. He froze for what seemed like a moment as he felt his heart begin to churn, and a light shown from him. It was blinding, and before he knew it; it had been over. He felt normal, better even; stronger.. Noctis now wielding the full potential in his veins amplified by the power of the crystal was able to use his bloodline limit. He looked out the chamber room door and could see numerous guards stationed outside, no doubt to protect the crystal from Noctis whom had slipped away; little did they know he got here before they.

Pushing the door open slowly, he stepped out; looking down on everyone. With a smirk he stepped forward and shots were fired toward him, as they reached him they were suddenly fended off by what looked like an ethereal force; they looked like the weaponry from his family tree. Blocking each and every shot, he was able to pass through them if he chose, but he thought he'd give his new powers a test run; Noctis ran toward the group of men and began to swing away with ease, cutting through armor; he saw more reinforcements entering from above. He smiled and threw his sword toward them and suddenly disappeared from vision, then reappearing where he'd thrown his sword; taking out the back up men. He continued until he reached the border of Earth and Hell; upon exit he felt the power of the crystal weaken; he could no longer use the blood limit to it's full potential. For some reason, the crystal wouldn't allow him to access his demonic form.

Years later after the incident, Noctis found something to keep his attention while he thought of a way to get back to Hell. He opened a protection service where people would pay him to watch their back while they completed a job, or reached a destination.


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Re: Noctis Lucis Caelum [Demon Prince]

Post by Noctis on Sat Mar 23, 2013 4:31 am

Oh, finished btw.

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Re: Noctis Lucis Caelum [Demon Prince]

Post by Nero Angelo on Sat Mar 23, 2013 2:59 pm




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Re: Noctis Lucis Caelum [Demon Prince]

Post by Sponsored content

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