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Nero Angelo Defeats Little Cypress Tree

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Nero Angelo Defeats Little Cypress Tree

Post by Nero Angelo on Mon Mar 18, 2013 12:43 am


........wants a feels like these when she has to write down history for a chara... xD ...


Sometimes I'll run in, all excited and ready to see what spiffy character she has created. But then I always end up:

A.) Running away due to its shitty story or

B.) Wanting to punch her in the face for wasting my time with a shitty story.

So then I end up never reading it.
It's always one or the other.


........wants a response to Nero's pathetic-ness.





A.)Fuck myself?
If such an orgasmic opportunity was given, I'd fuck my sexy, grinning self in a heartbeat.

B.) You don't care?
It's about time!
Now we're on the same level!
Welcome aboard, little one!

C.) Bitch, please?
As in, 'Please fuck me?'
Didn't know you were that desperate to have me.
But unfortunately your pitiful self is not worthy enough of my cock.

D.) All the above?
Ouch. That went straight to the hea—
Oh, wait.
How could a girl who doesn't exist in my world hurt me?
I suppose I'm losing my sanity!


..wants a...

Me? Care? About? You? Hahaha, you make me laugh. You coming to that conclusion makes me think that you wanted me to care in the first place which as you can see. I never have.

My reaction:

Me? Want? You? To? Fuck? Me? Oh please, I wouldn't be satisfied with your tiny piece of meat.

Just please.....

And I wouldn't appreciate a guy like you to exist in my world either. If I ever see you, I want to fucking blow that pretty face of yours like Pearl Harbor.


Is that all ya got, little one?

Because it seems so that your sluggish comments can't touch me.

So, with I owning your ass, I'm walking away.
Because I've won, little one.

[23:03:05] Cypress : XD If you haven't picked it up yet, Connor, I don't really mean what I say to Nero. [or doo I??] /eye twitch.

Sadly, I mean everything I say to you.
Makes me tear up almost that you would say that to Connor.

[23:10:00] Cypress : Then shut up, so I can finish my damn history. >.> And fuck you! >;3
[23:10:41] Cypress : But, nahh I really do have to finish this history. I've been at this for three hours. XD Plus barely passing my Psychology test.
[23:10:41] @ Nero Angelo : This shall help you finish your shitty history
[23:10:48] Cypress has been banned by Nero Angelo
[23:11:03] @ Nero Angelo : There we go. Now she can quit bitching and get her shit done.
[23:11:09] Connor Kenway : xD




"Who needs bitches when 'ya got ice-cream."

"It's just one of those day's where you gotta' get shitfaced."

"One night stands are awesome. Until you see who you actually fucked."
Nero Angelo
Nero Angelo

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