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Something that has changed your life?

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Something that has changed your life? Empty Something that has changed your life?

Post by Raiden on Thu Mar 14, 2013 1:07 am

I'm curious, I was sitting with one of my buddies today at our shop when it was slow and we got into a discussion of things that had made a major impact on our lives.

Mine was the manga, and show; Naruto.

Before everyone thinks it's lame, Naruto came into a part of my life when I can honestly say I had no friends, and had no hope. But then I was at the library and came across a book called "Naruto" I rented it (never brought it back, haven't been there since) And I went home to my room, where I would spend my entire day secluded, not really doing anything; until I had that book, I started reading it and got hooked. I would read that book over, and over, and over. I felt like Naruto, I could relate to him not having any friends; and it honestly made me so sad to think about it back then. When I eventually found out about the show on Toonami I would watch it every time it came on, I would sit in my room at the edge of my bed watching Naruto overcome every obstacle he'd ever faced, when his teacher saved Naruto I had gotten the biggest chill down my spine in my life. He had people to be there for him now, he didn't have to be so alone anymore. It hurt so bad, not having friends or anyone I could relate to, Naruto.. He made everything feel okay, when he and Sasuke started to become friends it made me want a friend, and someone who I could compete with, someone like a brother to me. It didn't happen for some time, but I found someone who has been a brother to me ever since I met him; he's my best friend. When we met and we both found out we liked Naruto, it felt like destiny then and I still believe we were meant to become friends. We'd stay up countless hours into the night, just talking to eachother ( we lived pretty far from eachother ). We've been friends for 6 years now, and we still talk every night. I grew up with Naruto, he taught me to never give up, I haven't. When I got into highschool finally, I don't know how I would have managed without my friend, or Naruto. I was the emo kid, and I got picked on everyday by the same few people, everyday I'd go to school and hate it, then I'd come home to read or play my naruto games; and talk with my friend until we both fell asleep. It was about until my junior year of highschool that I let everything get to me, I took what I learned from Naruto and applied it to myself, I became more outgoing, and made a few friends. I had people to care about, and people who cared about me.


I can't even begin to tell you people, how much Naruto has had an effect on my life. I didn't feel so sad anymore, I had my best friend and I had a few others, it was all I ever wanted. I've graduated highschool, I've begun my own business, I work along side my friends, I have people to take care of now, and they take care of me. I'm not some self pitying boy anymore, I took my life back, and I owe everything to one boy.

Naruto. His story has given me inspiration that will last me a life time, I will never give up, I will never settle for whats given to me. Life isn't some sad thing where you work until you die, life is about pursuing your goals, despite what anyone may think of you, or what limits you think you may have. Rise above your challenges. Life will be tough, it will never be easy and you're going to get knocked down more times than you can count, but if you get up everytime you get knocked down and move forward, you will never have a regret, I don't. I couldn't have hoped for a better life, or friends. There will be a lot of rotten people hoping you will fail, hoping you will give up; I say to those people.

Give up, on me giving up.

Never let someone stop you, always move forward.

This went on a lot longer than I expected, and a lot of you probably didn't read it. But I hope maybe after reading this, maybe you'll think back to something that inspired you as well, and I'd love to hear about it.

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Something that has changed your life? Empty Re: Something that has changed your life?

Post by Fon on Thu Mar 14, 2013 2:36 am

Naruto was the bridge that lead me to anime so I totally relate with your story. Naruto was so cool for me as a kid, I even bought the headband. My father and I are completely different people who struggle to get along but ever since the very first Clash of Ninja, Naruto games have just been how we bond.

Because Naruto opened me up to anime, I was able to find one short one in particular that really changed my life. That was the legendary anime "Cowboy Bebop".

I remember I first heard of Cowboy Bebop when I was 11. At that time I was a scrawny little brat with no friends in real life, since I was to addicted to the internet and rp sites. Every friend I did have bettayed me and at the time I was the laughing stock of my school because of a secret I trusted with a "friend" who ended up telling everyone. One night as I was sitting alone watching Adult Swim, the intro for Cowboy Bebop came up and my first thought was "What the hell kind of opening is this? Who would ever like this music?" It wasn't until years later when I had reached a higher level of loneliness that I heard that opening again. And this time, I felt my body jamming to the music. I enjoyed Tank! So much that I finally began watching the show. I'll never forget how mesmorized I was by Spike Spiegel. The guy was the epitome of cool. I was 14 at the time and I remember thinking "I want to be just like Spike." I joined my school's jazz band and jazz became my absolute favorite type of music. Whether you were happy and felt like jamming, or you were the loneliest person in the world, jazz had a sound for that. It wasn't just the music that CB opened me up to either. I took in interest in fighting. I wanted to be strong so no one would pick on me again. I took many Martial Arts lessons and I taught myself the fundamentals of Spike philosophy and fighting style, a lifestyle created by Bruce Lee called "Jeet Kune Do" or "Way of the Intercepting Fist". Bruce Lee quickly became a huge part of my life because of this and I remember watching all his movies as soon as I finished Cowboy Bebop. I guess the biggest thing it all taught me was the main principle of Jeet Kune Do: "Be free and formless like water. You pour water in a teapot, it becomes the teapot. You pour water in a cup, it becomes the cup." What it all means is basically to not struggle against everything. Take life from all different points of view. Whatever happens, happens.

So I let that thought guide me. I made friends. A lot of them betrayed me, and a lot of romances crushed me, but I never dwelled on it and just kept flowing onwards. I'm no longer that scrawny, ignorant little kid. I play harmonica, trombone, piano, a bit of guitar and I'm a 1st degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do as well as a strong practitioner of San Shou and Jiu-Jitsu. Whenever I'm down I just listen to some blues, pop in an episode of Cowboy Bebop, and remember what it all means to me.


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Something that has changed your life? Empty Re: Something that has changed your life?

Post by Naomi Koizumi on Thu Mar 14, 2013 11:25 am

My story is a little different, but it still has the same message: it taught me to always keep moving. My story isn't about anime or manga or the's about a person. I had just begun high school, and I was seriously afraid. And I had every right to be, I had been bullied since first grade and I would be bullied all the way through senior year. But during my sophomore year, I met this person and he changed my life. What started as a simple discussion on the pokemon game he was playing, turned into a friendship that would mean everything to me.
Every day on the bus we would talk and talk and talk all the way to school and all the way back home. He made my life better knowing I had someone like him to talk to all the time. Around this time was when I began dating my previous boyfriend, and those two years we were together were up and down. He would get jealous when I spent time with my friends, even though I spent every second I could of the day with him. In the end, he broke up with me over a phone call while I was at my grandparents on vacation. I cried for three days straight, and my grandparents helped a lot, but what kept me going was my best friend. Every night we would talk and he would console me, tell me everything would be okay...
And he was right.
Senior year had come and I was looking forward to graduation, I wanted to leave this place more then anyone and get my dreams in motion. He was there to support me, even if he had left almost a year ago as a super senior (meaning he had to repeat senior year and was in high school 5 years not 4). It broke my heart that I couldn't find him to say goodbye the day he left, but we were still in touch and that made me happy. Time passed, and he began to speak to me about this girl over text. As I gave him advice, I got this feeling deep in my stomach, I still can't explain it now. Then he came out and told me, I was the girl he was talking about. He had fallen in love with me.
Now guys, there is a BIG difference in loving someone and being IN love with them, and no one had ever told me that before. I felt my heart jump and my face turn red. I know I had a lot to think about the next day, and by the end I gave him an answer. And that began our beautiful relationship. We are still together today, he gets me through even when I'm scared. When we are together it feels like nothing else exists, it's just me and him. He's changed my life, my perspective on myself and the world around me, he's given me hope and brought back the sun on my darkest of days. He's my one, the piece that I've been missing all this time. I love him with all my heart, and I always will.
Naomi Koizumi
Naomi Koizumi

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Something that has changed your life? Empty Re: Something that has changed your life?

Post by Luna Willows on Fri Mar 15, 2013 1:24 am

Funny and Naruto have the same birthday. 10/10...I know. Amazing.

Anyways...something that had changed my life...what should I say...There is SO much I could talk about but what was the most important...hmmmm....Well alright then I'll talk about some people~

Alright a few years ago my dad had kicked me out of the house for the second time when he was drunk. I was 19 and working for tips only on a military base but was living with him because I couldn't actually make enough to live on my own at the moment. Anyways I had been kicked out on a weekday and sat on a park bench talking with my mom who lived in Denver. I didn't know what to do and I was in tears. My mom said to either go up to Denver and live in a half way house with her or to stay with a friend. A friend actually contacted me and I began living with her and her mother. I went back to work after a week and my dad had actually worked at the same place as me so I was trying VERY hard not to be near him and it just happened....he told me that I could come back and I said I wasn't going to. And so where I was living it was hard to get to work in the first place and I had to leave REALLY early or suffer walking back home (Which was a 10 mile walk or call a taxi for $20). Then we moved further out into the country and life was great for about a few months until I needed to get a job and living there just was not working with my tail tucked between my legs I went back to my dad's house and was offered my old 'job' back. My friend I had lived with for almost half a year never talked to me again after that...still to this day we have yet to talk.

I had returned to my old talking with people, working, driving my dad around, brothers needing lifts, fights with my dad, not enough money to get out of the house, my mom had vanished again without a word. But I had met someone on another site...a site that I had and was going to let die if it wasn't for this person. We would talk late at night, and said person didn't judge or say I was stupid.....and was just there for me when I needed that person to be there. I had gotten a lot of heat from the people who were at the site since its opening and hated the ideas put forward. And I know that the person went there and made more accounts trying to pass as every single one of them. I knew every single one but the first one where it was brought to my attention by one oft the older members. I defended said person, saying that she didn't make the second account. Later she told me that he did and I more or less knew somewhere in the back of my mind why. After my mom died I changed a bit....pushed people out...stopped talking with her as much...would go weeks without talking and then suddenly start up a conversation....after the day was done or the text got awkward we stopped and restarted at a different time. Then we got really close again and I really don't remember why but we did. We talked more, talked over the phone or even over oovoo (is like Skype kinda) just to talk. She was there for me just to be there....and I got used to it. She is one of the few people who has actually seen me for who I am after I closed myself off in high school with the falling out with my best friend. She means the world to me....she pisses me off...she makes me smile...she makes me laugh...and she breaks my heart. She is the best friend I could ever have and I can't express just how much she means to me and how angry I am when she shuts me out when she is stressed and won't talk with me....maybe it doesn't help her but I know talking with her when I feel like I'm on the edge helps me...even when it is just stupid things.

I really doubt she will see this....but yeah if it wasn't for her, I think I would have been very bad off.

Anyways my picture~

Something that has changed your life? Heart-Offering
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Something that has changed your life? Empty Re: Something that has changed your life?

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