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Fresh Morning Sea Breeze (Open)

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Fresh Morning Sea Breeze (Open)

Post by Seo-Yoon Amagi on Mon Mar 11, 2013 5:57 pm

The sky was black, with very few stars that shone very dimly on the fine morning at the boating docks. Grey skies rolled in slowly, bringing a light drizzle upon the urbanized docks. The air was slowly growing damp, and the very breath could be seen exiting the mouths of what few faces were visible so early in the morning. It was a lovely sight for someone like Seo-Yoon, who was at the boating docks at 3 in the morning for only the Heavens wondered why. He was casually strolling along the concrete dockside, observing the fancy yachts and speed boats, but his attention became fixated on a single boat that stood out amongst all these expensive sea queen's that surfed the oceans daily. It was a run down fishing boat that reeked of sea urchin and crab meat. The sides were torn and weathered, covered in grime and scuff marks from where rocks slashed at the sides of the ship and removed the white paint, which was peeling off at places anyway. A lone, Asian male was walking up and down the ship, placing crabs into a crate and handing them off to another Asian man of burly stature and a hairy face. His skinny eyes wandered over to Seo-Yoon, who had come to a full stop and began scanning the marketing end of the docks. T

He wore a grey, single button, 3/4 sleeve blazer with a sky blue button up shirt and dark blue moccasins. He held a clear umbrella over his head, protecting himself from the light rain that drizzled from the skies, feeding to the waves of the sea crashing against the docks. The man who stared at him motioned for him to come over to him and gave him a cheeky grin as he extended his arm out, pointing towards his crates of crab which were being put up beneath an open market that sat beneath a highway bridge. Seo-Yoon's blank expression turned to a light smirk as he walked over to the man, shook his hand, and began examining the crabs that sat in crates, being placed in small display boxes and tanks filled with water. The stingant smell hit the nose of Seo-Yoon, causing his smile to grow slightly wider as he loved the sour smell of crabs. He began poking through the crabs, looking for the best ones, which were hard to find later in the day when the market was filled.

As he continued to examine the crabs, he heard a rough, sketchy voice behind him. He turned around to see the burly Asian man approaching him with another basket of crabs, placing them onto the ground and carefully grabbing them and placing them in tanks of water to be set up on the market stand.

"I hope you enjoy this mornings fresh pickings, Mr. Amagi."

The man bowed and walked behind the stand and began helping Seo-Yoon sort through the crabs to find the ones with the freshest, and tastiest, meat. He was like an excited child examining the many crabs, studying their shape and being.

"They all look wonderful. Thank the Heavens that nobody else is here to compete with me and steal all the good ones. Mind setting up a barrel and fire so I can cook these?"

The man nodded and grabbed a lime green barrel and began filling it would broken planks of wood and lighting a fire inside. He placed a grill ontop of the barrel and smoke began to rise. As he did so, Seo-Yoon began picking out crabs and placing them a bag he grabbed next to the stand. He filled the bag and placed the money in the hands of the merchant, giving him a slight bow and sitting on a stool next to the barrel of fire and began killing the crabs so he could throw them on the grill.

"This should be wonderful."

He chuckled to himself and pulled chopsticks out of his pocket. He had been waiting for this wonderous meal since midnight. His time had finally arrived!
Seo-Yoon Amagi
Seo-Yoon Amagi

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