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Loud like thunder -PM to join-

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Loud like thunder -PM to join-

Post by Raiden on Wed Mar 06, 2013 3:12 am

This was another typical night for Irie, he had spent all the late evening out on the streets downtown making sure everyone had been safe from harm. Tonight he received a few cuts and bruises from a particularly annoying foe. Irie had been making his way to the hotel that he would sometimes stay at to avoid waking his mother at night. Jumping from a few rooftops to the next, one after the other he made his way quickly to the roof of the hotel; upon landing lightning struck quite loudly and he crashed on the roof, no doubt causing some ruckus possibly waking a few people.


He walked slowly over to the edge of the roof staring down at the streets one more time, un-masking himself; he slowly turned his gaze towards the stars and allowed the rain to run across his face. Soon he decided before hopefully anyone got a glimpse of him from below he disappeared in a flash and entered his hotel room from the balcony window. In his bedroom he began to remove the suit, upon removal he could feel relief of not having to stay in the somewhat sweaty suit any longer for the night. His comfort was short lived as he thought he heard someone outside his room, in the hall. He put the suit in his trunk and locked it tight, putting his sword aside it. He put a shirt on and some sweatpants that hung low on his hips as they were a little too big for him. Visible bruises were on his face and arms he noticed as he passed a mirror on his way to his door, he slowly opened it and peaked out into the hall.

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