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Mr. Rager (Done) Empty Mr. Rager (Done)

Post by Mr. Rager on Sat Feb 16, 2013 12:44 am

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Mr. Rager (Done) 76252
Vital Statistics:

Yasuo Yasahiro Rager


Two thousand


Fallen Angel
Fallen angels lose the full divine majesty of their heavenly form, and their holy light. They may still take a human form, with or without a visible set of wings - when their wings are visible they are capable of flight. Those who side with Lucifer can expect their wings to turn utterly black, while those who remain benevolent might perhaps (depending on the gravity of their sin) gain a gray tint to their feathers. They may no longer choose to be invisible and/or intangible (though they can still see/feel other angels). After falling, angels gain a gender, and lose some of the androgyny of their angelic form. Fallen angels never age or sicken, but they do not have the power of Heaven to protect them. Fallen angels can sense emotions empathically, but only vaguely, as if they're sensing things through a thick veil. When communicating, angels usually use telepathy amongst each other - fallen angels can still do this, but other angels can shut them out of their conversations if they wish, and fallens cannot speak to others in this fashion. While a fallen's voice has more strength Their true voices are harmful to mortals as well as the minions of Hell, but they can adopt a gentler human voice. All angels can TELEPORT - fallens, however, are barred from Heaven.

Because they are cut off from God's love, fallens can no longer HEAL sickness and injury, nor can they EXORCISE demons. They can, however, sense the presence of evil or unholiness, like all HEAVENKIN.




Six foot, six inches. Yasuo towers over most. His hair is somewhat brushed and blond. Yasuo's eyes are a dark green. They can sometimes be difficult to see outside, only because he wears sunglasses almost every chance he gets when he goes outside. Asides from facial features, Yasuo wears a variety of clothing, while working he wears boots and basically a jumpsuit as it is only fitting for his field of work. On other occasions he wears a dress shirt and dress pants and loafers. Underneath his clothes are a set of invisible wings. When visible he is able to take flight.

Relations: N/A

Yasuo does what young adults do.. He acts how young adults act. Sometimes he is loud,brash,hyper and incredibly friendly. Other times he can be quiet,lethargic and slothful. Many more personality traits that just don't need to be listed. Yasuo is a fallen angel. As such he was cast out of heaven due to his wicked and rebellious nature. Even after being rejected by heaven he still hasn't learned his lesson. So instead he embraces it, he knows eventually something good will come his way and he will change. Although on rare occasions he will take a serious approach to things. When he is serious he becomes more intuitive and adamant, the angelic nature sticks out.

Yasuo is straight, he has had a vast amount of experiance. Roaming the world for two thousand years gets boring and there needs to be some fun. Over the course of his existence Yasuo has had a lot of sex. He lost track about one century ago.

When women bite their lips

Humans (women in particular)

Evil entities
Freezing Weather
Cocky People
His life

Back story:
Isaiah 14:4-17 that mentions the Morning star(Lucifer) that had "fallen from heaven" and was "cast down to the earth"... Among Morning star there were angels that followed him, those that followed were cast out of heaven. Those that were cast out were labeled "Fallen Angels" in the midst of all these fallen angels was Yasuo. After the war in heaven, humanity had become the center of attention once more. As the world slowly advanced fallen angels became less acknowledged, until eventually they were nothing more than just people with wings as portrayed in spiritual writings.

When Yasuo was cast out of heaven way back when the war had occurred, he was forced to roam earth until the time came for him to "leave" or in other words become absolved. Yasuo was one of the third of angels to disobey god and follow Lucifer. Being cursed to roam the world until he was forgiven. Yasuo took on the form of a twenty year old. He roamed the earth for centuries trying to find different ways to get back into heaven, every time he thought he found something it turned out to be a hoax. So instead Yasuo decided to put off gaining reentry on hold. Instead he decided to bask in what god had made. Life of course would eventually get boring, so he would try to spice it up, but to no avail it still remained the same. As time went by he traversed from country to country learning different cultures such as spanish,greek,roman,french etc. The one thing Yasuo found most interesting are Humans. Humans are the main reason why he is always entertained. They are fickle,brash,dangerous,manipulative,scared. All while exhibiting different characteristics such as intelligence,reasoning,introspection and strong emotion. Although Yasuo has already interacted with humans in many different ways he still wishes to see more of them. Yasuo usually picks a place to stay for about 40 years before he leaves. Everytime he moves he has to erase his identity. In order to do this he usually fakes his death or goes into hiding for a year or so then reappears. Yasuo's travels takes him afar to a new place this place is Omoi Ame. It is here where Yasuo wishes to continue another part of his "curse". So far he has taken up occupation as an engineer working on vehicles, he acts like a young adult only because his visual age fits his description. He has also learned about the T.A.P.T. Yasuo senses something unusual about the group an has decided to stay away from the group, in doing so he keeps his origin a secret, the way it should be.
Mr. Rager
Mr. Rager

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Mr. Rager (Done) Empty Re: Mr. Rager (Done)

Post by Ivory on Sat Feb 16, 2013 7:34 pm

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I miss you, Kida Yadomi.

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