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Shadow within the Alleyways

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Shadow within the Alleyways

Post by Gadara on Sun Feb 03, 2013 11:27 pm

The alley was a fully dark lighted place, it was quite scary to some who could not handle the darkness and what was held within the alley. Most people would avoid these places due to the wrong crowd being here in waiting to jump their next victim. It always happened when one would least expect it. Some of those people who were scared would be paranoid and quite jumpy when entering such a place. No one knew what would happen to them which always made ones heart throb with fear or make one sick on their own fear and thoughts. It was hard not to grow insane not knowing when someone would attack and drag someone away to do such horrible things to them. A figure completely cloaked over in a dark brown cloak was not at all afraid, rather he welcomed the darkness and what was held within. Everything in the alley was a mess which was to be expected since not that many people were brave enough to walk into the alley and actually clean it. Gadara's face was covered in the darkness of his cloak, if the wrong crowd was within the alley then chances were high that they may try to take advantage of him which would only then fail due to them not being ready to take on something that they could not handle or withstand. Gadara was not at all afraid and made himself comfortable as he leaned against the alley walls, his figure was rather mysterious underneath the cloak for he appeared to be a unknown person who brought off the wrong aura to some others who may come to passby him. Both of his hands were within the sleeves of his cloak, his breathing was hardly noticable due to the cloak that was on him now. It was easy to see that some people may come to mistake him as weak or perhaps dangerous. It was pretty much a even chance that he appeared weak or strong, which in truth he was strong and that was due to his training back a long time ago. Gadara stood there with his head sort of down, it was hard to see his expression for he seemed rather bored if not uninterested in the alley that he was in. Something may come to happen, and when it does then his features may come to change. However that was hard to tell since he looked rather mysterious and some of the people may not at all want to approach him .

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