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Janeiro, Fiera

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Janeiro, Fiera  Empty Janeiro, Fiera

Post by Guest on Thu Jan 31, 2013 8:46 pm

Janeiro, Fiera Luce

ALIAS. Luce , Fier
AGE. Twenty
OCCUPATION. Investigator
SPECIE. Kojintora
GENDER. Female
SEXUALITY. Hetrosexual
WEIGHT. One Hundred Twelve
HEIGHT. Five Foot Four Inches

APPEARANCE. Fiera has a height of five foot four inches; an average height for a female. She has a long slender body with just the perfect curves. Her hair is a silky smooth dark shade. The natural color is hard to distinguish since it changes every other day from deep dark brown to black. Her eyes are magnificent. They change depending on her mood of the day. What people don't know is that Fiera has cat-like ears on the crown of her head; however she hides it with her hair which blends in perfectly.
Their eyes are often round and large, although some are almond shaped, slanted and/or narrow. They have no whites to their eyes visible, only one solid color or pairings of color, accompanied by a slitted black pupil, which grows wide and round in low light and extremely narrow in bright light.
RACE INFO. The Kojintora are a race of catlike people who have lived since the beginning of time. Not much is known about where they come from or how they came to exist. Even though they have lived since their existence, people who do not know about them often treat them as demons, yet they are strong race, very sensitive to the earth and surroundings, being strongly rooted to their people and clan. Their kind is playful and intelligent, yet proud and steadfast.
In combat a kojintora can be a very deadly foe. They use their powerful bodies to fight and attack their opponents and prey, and can become quite adapt at using weaponry. Each finger and toe is equipped with a deadly claw, with retractable nails only on their toes. They are excellent climbers and can run quite fast.

PERSONALITY. Fiera is very strong willed who doesn't like to be seen as the "underdog". She is independent and loves to do her own thing. Kind, caring, generous are all traits that Fiera strongly holds. She's stunning both in presence and personality. She'll never give up on anything, and will do whatever she can until it's finished. She's loyal to anyone who treats her with respect and kindness. However, she has a side to her where she will snap if needed to. She doesn't like people who treat others bad. She doesn't believe in sugarcoating things, and she will say things plainly as it is. Another thing people might want to consider remembering is that she is very playful; however, she wont play with anyone's heart. Playing in her definition is when she toys with them just enough for them to want more. To want more of her. She's very sweet, but never innocent. She can snap a person's neck easily as snapping a pencil in two.
SEXUALITY PREFERENCE. Fiera doesn't recall ever sleeping with anyone. She's toyed with people before, but never came to having any sexual activities. One might say she's very innocent, while others might think she's just playing around. In fact, Fiera has never done any sexual activities, but she does play around; not enough to consider doing things though. Is she waiting for the "right one"? Who knows, Fiera's just hasn't come close to that conclusion yet. She's just more playful than actually giving herself up. Being said that, she won't give herself up to anyone. However, she might do other things; curiosity is always at its peak when it comes to Fiera's desires. Is she experienced? One might think so since she's all play and all, but in reality she isn't. She'll probably give herself up if someone won't give up trying to seduce her, but it's going to take some courage and willingness for the partner to not give up. Strange, isn't it?

★ Milk, Bread, Butter, Cheese
★ Books, Paper
★ Playing, Toying
★ Sleeping, Cuddling
★ Solitude, Few Crowds
★ Men, Abs, Workout
★Vegtables, Soda, Rotten Food
★ People who are annoying, stupid, loweselfestem
★ Glass, Mirrors
★ Being seen as an "underdog", weak
★ Noise, Big Crowds
★ Men who are mean, rude, treat women like junk

PARENTAGE— Chief Jero. (Father) Mae Lee. (Mother)
SIBLINGS— Ariel Mae. (Sister) Benjie Lou. (Brother) Jerome Kei. (Brother)
GUARDIANS, ETC.— Mei Mei. Great Aunt. Living somewhere in the city.
BACK STORY. Thrilling? Her life has been nothing but thrilling. Her father was the chief of their clan. He was a strong and very respective man who was kind to others, but vicious when it came to the topic of war. He wanted his children to be strong and powerful and never being seen as weak. Every other season, he would hold a tournament for every boy and girl to fight among one another. It was to determine which young-ling was fit for the title of their race, Kojintora. Kojintora's were known to be a very strong race of people, and he of all people wanted to keep that tradition alive. Being a daughter of a chief, did not give Fiera to back down from the tournament. Especially when her father wanted her to be the best of the best. She hated this event more than anything in the world. Just to prove her worth, she defeated all her opponents, but was never high and mighty about what she had done. She hated her father for it, but was grateful for it in her later life.
She doesn't live in a certain place, but she visits her great aunt in the city occasionally. She's very connected to her family since they all lived close to one another before she moved to Omoi Ame.
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Janeiro, Fiera  Empty Re: Janeiro, Fiera

Post by Nero Angelo on Sat Feb 02, 2013 8:03 pm

I'm highly guessing that this is Layla, judging by the fucking smancy template.
If so, this is your last character.
And I'm way too lazy to read all of this, but knowing you, you'd make something acceptable.

Janeiro, Fiera  DMC4_Nero_by_APPROVED_zpsf7393b51

Janeiro, Fiera  Sdfg5_zpsa9944a5cJaneiro, Fiera  Sdfg56_zps6ab6dbfb


"Who needs bitches when 'ya got ice-cream."
Janeiro, Fiera  Tumblr_mijbqfVGOn1s01f06o1_500_zps011d6a0b

"It's just one of those day's where you gotta' get shitfaced."
Janeiro, Fiera  Tumblr_mjaie4kIHm1r4n4dqo1_500_zpsdf120aca

"One night stands are awesome. Until you see who you actually fucked."
Janeiro, Fiera  Tumblr_lwgls7Igpc1r4iiyto1_500
Nero Angelo
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