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Just looking (Nero)

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Just looking (Nero)

Post by Naomi Koizumi on Sun Jan 27, 2013 8:45 pm


Suni This place was always packed to the teeth with all manner of different people. Couples with their fingers twined together, children begging their parents for that new toy, people trickled in and out of the stores like water droplets to and from the sea. But one such water droplet found much more comfort in just sitting idle with a good book. Rocking black jeans that met with long black boots, her favorite red knit turtle neck sweater and of course her blue and brown glasses, she thumbed through the pages contently, though her tinted face showed no fascination outwardly, inside she was eating the book page by page, word by word and hanging on to every single one.
The black braid over her shoulder was pushed back to whee it aligned with her spine, and Naomi kept reading as she waited for her brother Akihiko just on the outskirts of a department store. He needed a new belt, but Naomi refused to go in since there were too many people. The only reason she wasn't grabbing her brother from the store and dragging him out by the collar of his shirt was that she was too preoccupied with the literature in her fingers. Naomi didn't care if there must have been over a thousand people there, she just needed her book.
But over time she became aggravated, and shut the book in her lap, her thumb pointing to where she left off on the page.
"How long does it take a man to find a belt?!"
She sighed pushing her glasses up on her nose. Pulling the sleeve of her sweater down just a bit, she looked at her watch and shook her head as she readjusted it.
"It's been almost an hour, and I thought we women were the one who liked to shop. Akihiko you are embarrassing your gender."
Naomi murmured as she once again opened the book and picked up whee she left off. He'd have to come out sooner or later, but Naomi began to wonder if she should just take off, leaving him to find an empty bench and trigger a panic attack. Would serve him right for dragging her here, and making her sit on this uncomfortable bench for almost an hour! But of course she didn't do that, she kept still and waited, Akihiko wouldn't be much longer she was sure... But then again, that's what she thought forty minutes ago.
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