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Tasmanian Tiger, BB

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Tasmanian Tiger, BB

Post by Noir on Thu Jan 24, 2013 1:34 am

AHHHHHHHHH! I'm an oldie.

Hai, gaiz. Le'me' tell you about myself. :3 First off, I am an oldie, back when Minami was still alive and well. Seeing that this place has change drastically, well you can say I'm lost. LOL. Well back then I was mostly called Layla, Layla Roppongi who had an affair with a student. Haha, my character was a teacher. Any way, I'm not really new to the site, but I guess now that it's change I'm a newbie again. It sadness me. :C

Any who, I'm still accurately trying to figure out a better username. Cypress, just doesn't suit this site just yet.

A little more about me. I love to role play, watching anime and I am a big fan of 1990's cartoons, not this bull shit that's on t.v. nowadays. I also love to read manga. I am Asian, Philippines is where I come from, but I am currently living in the United States, hence my English. I am nineteen and a college kid. C: Proud as can me.

I love messing with HTML, that is my heart and compassion, other than nursing that is. Haha. I make templates and I have my own site. I manage it and I am a proud maker of everything of the site. I love well organized things, so bite me if I'm too organized and clean. { See this template just for this post, I created it. Simple, huh? :3 }

I should also state, that my characters are usually either innocent, seductive, or both. :3 I like a little twist and mystery. { Haru/Vergil should know this by now. }

Well that's all I gotta say. Thanks for listening to my crap. Until next time.
Thanks, -insert unknown name here.


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Re: Tasmanian Tiger, BB

Post by Guest on Mon Jan 28, 2013 1:06 am

Dude! I'm you; your me, so what's the diff? =D I love us!


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