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Luna Willows (Tsuki Ookami)

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Luna Willows (Tsuki Ookami) Empty Luna Willows (Tsuki Ookami)

Post by Luna Willows on Wed Jan 23, 2013 3:49 am

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Vital Statistics:

  • Birth Name: Tsuki Ookami
  • Changed Name: Luna Willows
  • Stripper Name: Lilly

Occupation: Stripper...and a very good one at that.

Age: 22

Gender: Very much female

Species: Vampire

Class: Incognito

Height: 5 foot 6 inches

Weight: 105 pounds

Appearance: Luna is a faired skin beauty with fairly large bust size. Her hair is a light brown and reaches just past her butt. Her bangs frame her face nicely and most of the times stay out of her large eyes. As for the color of her eyes? Well that is a deep red brown color...could be seen as brown or red. Her lips, as people have always said, are very kissable. Her build, other than her chest, is very slender. Sure she might be a bit underweight and thin...that doesn't mean she can't pull her weight. Yep, under that very hot body is a fighter that will kill you if you piss her off. Don't judge a book by it's cover! Her legs a long and silky, always have to be due to her...well her job yes her job. When she is not running around in the strip club and actually out and about in town her clothes don't really change all too much. The girl is found in short skirts or shorts. She wears tight tank tops, some that reach to her waist and some that expose her belly. Her shoes of choice are heelless boots. She also has a nice black leather jacket (which is too big for her) that she wears all the time. On her right ring finger is a silver ring with a purple gem. Around her neck is a silver necklace with a crescent moon on it.

Luna Willows (Tsuki Ookami) 221835-2

Relations: Toshiro Ookami [Father/Dead]
Rene Ookami [Mother/Dead]
Mizumi Fell [Aunt (Mother's side)/Living]
Ray Carter [Old Boyfriend/Dead]
Simon Willows (Ookami) [Younger Brother/Living]

Personality: Luna isn't the nicest person in the world. In fact she can be a bitch when she wants to be. She always speaks her mind, even if it isn't her place to do so, thus the bitchiness. But this is just the first layer to her. Or as she likes to call it: Her mask. Yes, this is her default personality that she uses to keep everyone at a distance. She thinks that it would make life a lot simpler if she didn't get involved with anyone. Or at least not again. To Luna, it is best to never get to know a person than to become friends and then have the heartache of losing them. Yes that is a sad life but that is how she is keeping herself from going insane.

However if someone manages to lift the mask, or just walks in on her when she isn't looking, the girl is a caring person. Though she will not show this directly at the person, her presence isn't unnoticed. What does this mean? Well let me explain it. She sees her neighbor struggling and they ask for some cash the first thing she will say is that she can't afford giving anything. However, when they aren't looking she will slip in a good amount of money under the door. And animals? Yeah....she is a sucker for the cute fur balls. It's like they work a charm on her and she just can't help but try and do something for them.

But when it comes to her younger brother Simon, Luna is both an angel and a demon. She will do just about anything for the boy. In fact, the reason she continues to strip is because the pay is really good and Japanese high schools (or at least the better ones) aren't cheep. Plus there is food to get, clothes, after school actives he might want to do, and lets not forget a play to say. Yes, this girl is like his mother alright? So when someone threatens him or anything bad happens to him Luna doesn't waste time to start killing people or things. He is the last remaining family member she has (Her Aunt doesn't count), and she will be damned if he dies!

But because she has taken it upon herself to finish raising this kid, she has learned to not show how bad she is off. No matter how upset she is, how deep in the hole she is, or how much trouble she is in; Luna will NEVER let Simon know. In fact she will just pretend that everything is alright. This I transferred to everyone around her too. She will not admit that she needs help, ever. Nor will she ever cry in front of someone. That is a sign of weakness, and she just can't afford to look weak.

She is also scared of being locked up in a room. She freaks out and does anything in her power to get out of the room. She also has some pretty nasty night terrors.

Sexuality: Luna is straight, but if she has to act not so, she will. As for how she acts? She is a stripper...and not the clean kind. You tell me.

Preferences: Luna likes the tall guys with a bit of muscles. Not the muscle heads that just over do it, but the nicely toned ones. She also really likes guys with black hair. Don't ask why she jut does. She also likes it when a guy kisses her nose. Of course she wouldn't tell anyone that, but if they found out she just can't help herself.

Likes: Wolves, The color blue, Lilies (second favorite flower), Forger-Me-Nots (First favorite flower), having money

Dislikes: Running out of money, People hurting others for the fun of it, nosy people, complete darkness.

Back story:


"Mommy? What is a fairy tail?"
Luna Willows, or as her birth name was Tsuki Ookami, was born to a Japanese father and a German mother. Their relationship was that out of a fairy tail. The man courts the girl, the girl falls in love with the man, they get married, and they have a beautiful daughter. But it really wasn't a fairy tail for that long. As the years started to pass, the two love birds started to get into fights. At first the fighting was just them screaming and yelling at one another from across the room, then it started to get violent. At one point her father pulled a knife on her mother and had sent her to the hospital. Though she was young, about five, Luna remembered everything about that. After her mother got out of the hospital, she had vanished.

For a year no one knew where she was, or if she was ever alive. Her father started to drink and stay out late at night, so Luna was often left alone. But in some ways this was a good thing. She learned how to take care of herself. She learned how to cook, how to clean, and how to stay alive. But one day, a bit after Luna's 6th birthday, her mother came back. And along with her was her sister Mizumi. Things got better, her parents patched things up, and after nine months, and after she was seven, a baby boy was born. Yes, with Simon being born, things were starting to look up. Or at least that was what Luna thought.

The two parents had gotten into a big fight. Bigger fight than she had ever seen. Through the crack of her room, what she had seen was the murder of her mother. Yes....her father had killed her. He had pleaded that she was going after the kids and were going to kill them, that he had no choice. Though the adults had believed him, Luna knew the truth: He had stabbed her a few times and had let her bleed to death. She could remember all the crimson everywhere and thinking to thirsty she was.

"What is wrong with me...?"
Really sick right? Well as it turned out, after seeing her mother's murder, Luna's vampire trait emerged. Yes, Luna was born to a human and vampire, her mother being the vampire. She was only ten when she found out what she actually was. One day when she was playing with a friend at school. The two girls were quickly becoming best friends, like all kids did. They played together, they ate together, they were even in the same class. No one could break the two apart. Over the weekends, Luna had spent time over at her house, sometimes even just spending the night over. Everything was wonderful and right in the world....finally. Well it would have been if Luna didn't finally invite her over to her own home.

The two were playing around and just as kids play, something or another happened. It was just a small scrape. Nothing to worry about. In fact the other girl didn't mind. It was just blood, and blood didn't kill anyone. Luna on the other hand started to freak out and insisted to go find something to clean it up. Of course she was actually using that as a cover. Truthfully she was freaking out because she kept thinking about it. About how good it looked, how thirsty she was....and how much she wanted it. Though she had managed to get out, the smell of the blood didn't leave her nose. It hungered....and it over came. Returning to the room, Luna had finally snapped. Quickly the ten year old pinned her friend to the ground. Of course the other girl was starting to scream and panic; kicking and screaming...but no one could hear her, no one could save her...and no one could stop Luna.

Hours later and her father had found her, crying over the dead girl's body, blood around her mouth, down her clothes, and on her hands. She had murdered the girl because she couldn't stop herself from drinking from her. Her father's response? He grabbed her hand, threw her into a closet, and locked the door. The action had snapped the girl out of the trance she was in, and when she heard her father walking away, Luna started to scream and pound on the door; franticly screaming for him to come back and that she was sorry. Day passed before the door was finally opened, but at this point Luna thought it was a trick. She had been in there for so long, she wasn't even sure if she wanted to come out. But when she heard something drop to the ground, the young girl ventured out. What she saw only made things worse. Hanging from the middle of the room was her father.

"Tsuki, this is your new home. I'm going to make sure that you do nothing bad again."
After finding her father like that, things started to become fuzzy and dream like. What her Aunt Mizumi had told her was that she found Luna just staring up at the dead body of her father. Mizumi had asked what was going on and Luna said that she was a bad girl...that she had eaten her best friend. It was then that her aunt explained that this was normal and that she was a vampire, just like her and her mother. Maybe a week passed when Luna had pulled herself out of whatever it was she was doing. She was living in her Aunt's house, she was going to a different school, and her younger brother was with her. Though it took a while, Luna had accepted this reality. This was what was going to keep her from going crazy and killing everyone.

So whenever Luna had the urge to just take a bite out of someone, she was locked up in a dark room. At first she screamed and tried to get out of the room, but soon she started to just accept that there was no way to get out. This was going to change. To keep herself from being locked up in that room ever again, Luna started to learn to keep that part of her hidden. If she had an urge to drink, she went straight home and chomped on a raw steak, that or she just went into the park, snagged some kind of animal, and ate what she needed to keep herself from going crazy again. And this slowly angered her aunt. Control was what Mizumi was all about. Slowly the woman was learning that Luna was starting to grow up independent, and that wasn't going to fly with the other vampire. And the way that was going to be fixed? Well she started to take things away from Luna.

At first it was just food or simple comforts. Then it went to school things....and then the boys that she started to take home. If Luna had brought a guy home, Mizumi would put on the flirt. She would dress in a way that would get the guy to notice her. To drool over her if needed. She would even sometimes go as far as to snag the guy from Luna and sleep with him. It frustrated the girl to no end. And at the age of seventeen, after she had finished high school, Luna ran away from home. She had packed the small amount of clothing she had, took a bit of food, and never looked back. Anything had to be better than getting stuck in that place for the rest of her life.

"Your stage name will be Lilly. As for your new name...I really could care less."
For a year or so, Luna had been living on the streets, doing anything she could to survive. Be it steal, sleep with guys for money, or even do jobs that no one else wanted to do. Every day she continued to do this just to get by. That was until she had ran into this man that had 'scouted' her. Yes, this man was the owner of a strip club. He told the girl that she was very pretty, and it would be such a shame to just let her continue doing stupid things when she could make money by just looking good. Not to get this confused with him trying to help her. Oh no. He was just trying to use her, just like everyone else. He said that if he joined the strip club and worked for him, that she was going to give up her old life and everything involved with it, including her name. Of course Luna had no reason to go back and agreed. With this she would have a job, and soon a place to live.

But maybe it was the first few weeks that really changed the girl. Why was this? Well one of the other girls had "shown her the ropes". If she wanted more tips, working in the back was best. She had to make herself very appealing, not in a cute way but in a sexy way. So that guys would come in here and spend money just to touch them. Quickly Luna realized what the girl was talking about and started doing just that. If she wanted to get ahead in this business...she had to make herself the best. But in the mix of trying to get by, the girl had found a world called drugs.

It had started out as just a simple try. Just one time to be in the in crowd, just once to prove that it's nothing, just once more and no more...lets just say that the first try was one too many. She had been swept up into this mess just like all the other girls around her. And what made it worse was she was going to be left alone to die. She had run out of both drugs and money. She had no house, she had no food, and she was going through withdraw. No one cared about another druggy dying. No one carried if one less girl who used her body to get what she wanted just wasn't there. Or at least that was what she had thought. A guy upon a motorcycle had wondered up to the dying girl. Without a word he had scooped her up and in her hazy vision, she was taken away. At first Luna thought that this was the angel of death coming to take her away just like all the others around her. She was all washed up, she was spent.

Well until she woke up. Taking a look around, the brown haired girl wasn't sure what had happened. She was in a bed that didn't belong to her, and her clothes were on. A guy, a guy with choppy black hair and stunning pale blue eyes, walked in and smiled at her. he had asked if she was alright and feeling better, in which she had asked if she slept with him. Not the best first impressions.

"I don't care who you are or where you have come from, I'm not going to let you go."
Luna had found out that his name was Ray Carter. He was a normal guy just trying to make a living by fixing up cars. He didn't make a lot, but it was enough to keep him alive. And as much as she tried to shake the guy, he just wouldn't let her go. Every night after she had gotten off of work, he would be waiting for her. He would ask her if she needed a ride home, she would reply that she didn't need one. It continued for a while before she said that she didn't have anywhere to live just to get him to leave her alone. Of course that didn't happen. He just smiled at her and said that he would be honored if she lived in his apartment with him. was better than taking a motel for a night...a lot cheaper too actually...So she said yes and asked him the cost for living there. He replied and said it was free as long as she didn't start doing drugs again. To this, Luna thought that he was just some kind of idiot.

Years had passed and they had become best friends. She had told him of her past and slowly started to learn to rely upon the guy. Needless to say that she was slowly starting to fall for the guy. This was even more apparent when he had done something for her. What could that have been? Well he had found her younger brother Simon and managed to free him from the hands of her Aunt. He also helped to get Luna the rights to be guardian over him. And in the end she had won the case. Luna didn't know how to repay him for this. Again he said not to worry about it. The only thing that he asked her was to make sure that Simon stayed in school and that the rest of his school years weren't as bad as Mizumi was making it. Of course Luna could handle this. She was starting to make more money back at the strip club, and life was starting to get better.

It was when Luna had turned twenty-one when she and Ray actually officially started dating. No one was shocked that this happened, even Simon was like "Eh...whatever". Though a few did say it was about damn time that this had happened. The two were meant for one another. Nothing in the world could tear them apart. But once again....all fairy tails never went the right way around her. Ray had asked her to join him for dinner one night. It was just out of the blue. It was her day off, and Ray was working so he told her to just go on to the restaurant before him. That was fine. But an hour passes...and another....and another. Where could this boy be? Thinking that he might have fallen asleep back at home and totally forgotten about their dinner plans, Luna headed back home. What she found wasn't good.

People that she didn't know were in their apartment. Simon was sitting on the couch, tears falling down his face. One of the men noticed the girl and told her to take a seat. Luna refused and demanded to know what was going on. With a sigh, the man began to tell her that Ray was found dead at the scene. His neck was violently ripped open and he had bled out in a matter of seconds. They said that it might have been a vampire that had done this. This was just too much for her. Slowly the brown haired girl took the nearest seat to keep herself from falling down. But just as they were leaving, one of the guys took something out of his pocket and placed it next to her. It wasn't all that big, just a small black box. Needless to say that what was in the black box was a silver ring with a purple gem stone on it.

"I'll be waiting for you to finally slip up and come running back to me my dear Tsuki. There is no way out of this. After all...we're both monsters."
Luna had gone into shock for the next day. But she couldn't stay like that. She had to get money to keep Simon in school, give him clothes, and food. Not to mention a place to live. That was right, there was someone who needed her. Luna was important and this was all going to have to wait. Months had passed and the thoughts of what the man had said that night started to spring up. A vampire had killed Ray. The only known vampire to her was herself and Mizumi. But it couldn't....or could it? One night after work Luna had taken a visit to her Aunt's house.

It was too weird. The front door was open, the lights were on, and there was Mizumi sitting in the kitchen with a glass in her hand; as if she was waiting all night for this. No, she had been waiting much longer than just a day. The smug look on her face told the whole story: It was her. In rage Luna demanded to know why she had done what she had done it. The older vampire just smiled and said that it was a lesson for her. That if she got too comfortable with a guy then one day she was going to flip and just destroy him. This was her wake up call. Luna stormed out of the house, after some very choice words, and vowed to never let that happen. She would never again let anyone get close to her....she just couldn't bare to watch their lives get cut short because of her.
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Luna Willows (Tsuki Ookami) Empty Re: Luna Willows (Tsuki Ookami)

Post by Trever Valens on Wed Jan 23, 2013 5:33 am

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