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Koizumi, Naomi (Done)

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Koizumi, Naomi (Done) Empty Koizumi, Naomi (Done)

Post by Naomi Koizumi on Wed Jan 16, 2013 8:46 pm

~ .: | Template | :. ~

Vital Statistics:

Name: Naomi Koizumi

Occupation: Writer

Age: 20

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Class: Mortal

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 148 lbs

Koizumi, Naomi (Done) Sakakiportrait
Naomi's glasses
Koizumi, Naomi (Done) COSMOPOLITAN-COSMO-STYLISH-port-right
Naomi is a tall, well figured woman with long onyx black hair that is layered along her bangs and flows gracefully down to kiss the backs of her knees. Her skin is a slightly sun kissed tone, and is dotted with dark brown freckles over most of her body (mostly her face and neck). Eyes? As blue as the ocean, framed by her black bangs and a pair of brown and blue framed glasses (due to her being far sighted, or able to see clearly far away but blurry up close). Most of her 148 pounds of weight is distributed over her curves, and therefore she carries it very well. She has both ears pierced, and has a preference to clothing that is comfortable and functional, she has no use for high end fashion. Naomi's closet consists of denim jeans, and many t-shirts and long sleeved shirts, if it's not comfortable she will not wear it.

Relations: Mother - Akemi Koizumi (living), Twin brother - Akihiko Koizumi (living)

Personality: Naomi is above all else polite. Raised by a family who greatly believed in order and treating those as you wish to be treated, Naomi intends to pass that on to the world. A woman of few words but large intellect, she has trouble making friends since, as her mother used to say, others were intimidated by how smart she is. Deep down she has a romantic side, loving to write and watch about romance, and secretly dreams one day of having the same happen to her. Naomi loves the arts, all the different genres. Music is a great inspiration to her, and she is open to all types but find classical to be her favorite.
Her writing is her way of expressing herself, she has tried over mediums but finds them either too messy (she is OCD) or that she is horrid at them. Writing has become her profession, and with it she hopes to further educate the world. Through her years of hard schooling and her family being so uptight, Naomi is not very open to others and tends to keep to herself most of the time. Her tolerance for those of weaker intellect is very minimal, but she has a vast amount of patience and instead of blowing up at anyone who annoys her she will simply tell them to go away and leave.
This doesn't mean she can't stand up for herself though. But she despises violence and will resolve things with words instead. Most of the time it's words that go right over the other persons head, and will result in them leaving after Naomi utilizes reverse psychology.
She seems to always be on her high horse when it comes to other people, giving her the impression that she is cold and indifferent. But in truth she simply wishes to avoid being hurt, after watching her mother cope with the death of her father, Naomi doesn't want that and therefore has limited her interactions with others to avoid such a thing.

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Preferences: Naomi greatly prefers a man with a large intellect, who enjoys the finer things in this world. She loves a man with dark hair, body type isn't really a big deal to her. She does prefer a man with good manners, as she will not be seen with anyone who acts immaturely.

The arts: Naomi loves the arts, writing and music are her favorite but she appreciates all forms. She has been known to stand in an art gallery for hours, just simply taking in every last drop of pain ton every painting she could find.

Food: While she acts sophisticated and reserved, there's nothing she loves more then a good meal. Food to her is another form of artwork, and luckily she is good at this one.

Writing: As her profession, Naomi loves to simply write whenever and whatever she can. Be they simple fleeting poems, or a novel.

Darkness: Night is her favorite time of day, it excites her and has a romantic vibe to her. She is also a prone night owl, and can be seen wandering around in the middle of the night.

Messes: Having obsessive compulsive disorder, messiness is something she cannot allow. She has even once thrown her own brother out of his bed to make it when she simply came into his room to borrow a pen.

Ignorance: Naomi lives by the motto: "Stupidity is a curse, ignorance is a choice". When approached by an ignorant person, she will simply give them what they wish to know and walk away. Naomi does not wish to be seen among the "ignorant masses."

Being interrupted: Raised to be proper and act as she wishes to be treated, she does not take being interrupted when speaking or doing something very well. She will tell you to go away before she take actions into her owns ignoring you until you leave.

Poor manners: This is Naomi's biggest pet peeve of them all. Having poor manners is a crime in her eyes, and she will convict and persecute you of said crime. For example, if you chew with your mouth open she will shut your jaw for you and order you to chew with your mouth closed. even if she doesn't get angry easily, she can be very forceful when she wants to be.
Back story:

Twenty years ago, in a small town far north of this one, a young married couple had just returned home from an overnight hospital visit. With not one, but two new additions to their small family. Twins, a boy named Akihiko, and a girl names Naomi. As their mother slept, recovering from such an ordeal as to have the both of them in under 30 hours, their father Isamu contented himself by sitting alone, watching his two children sleep.
The pride he felt was over whelming, even when raised in a military family he couldn't help but shed a few tears as his baby girl turned over on her back. A silent vow was exchanged between father and children in the darkness, the vow that no matter what may come, he'd defend them with his life. As the years ticked by the family faced many hardships. But none more worse then once the twins turned eight, and their father was called into action.
Their mother Akemi watched in tears as her only husband left to defend his home. As he watched his papa leave, Akihiko never let go of his vice like grip on Naomi. Now that his dad was gone, he had to be the man of the house, and swore that he would protect his sister in his fathers absence. Once their mother overcame the fact that Isamu wasn't there, they went back to being a normal family. Akihiko and Naomi attended school, Naomi was quick to learn, and Akihiko was a bit disappointed that whenever she would seem to be bullied she would simply talk her way out of it and be left alone.
The siblings were rarely seen apart, Naomi still needed Akihiko for certain things, just not her own protection. She needed someone she could always trust no matter what, someone who always knew how she felt. The twins had that special connection, the bond that only identical twins can feel. When one was hurt or upset, the other would feel it. It was never hard to find someone to comfort you.
The twins were rounding the corner of adolescence, just approaching their thirteenth birthdays, when they heard their father was finally returning home. Isamu was welcomed with tears of joy and much affection, but mother Akemi could tell something was wrong. Isamu wouldn't tell her, but he would mysteriously vanish during the day without warning. Akemi feared the worst, thinking he may be having an affair. the truth was worse.
FAR worse.
Money had been tight, and Isamu had been feeling low about not being able to provide what his family wanted. But the solution he found was by no means the good kind, he began to borrow money from the mafia. A vampire mafia no less. For a while things were plentiful, they had everything they could ever need. But there would always be a time to pay your dues. The crime group had paid a 'visit' to the house, and Isamu, on his knees, had barely convinced the boss to let his wife and children live, to find a new place to stay.
With tears in her eyes Naomi kept thinking of what her father said to her and her brother as her frightened mother drove away from the home she'd known all her life.
"Naomi, never lose heart. Always find a way through, you're a good smart girl I know you will. Akihiko, watch out for your mother and your sister. Your the man now, keep your family safe."
Akihiko held onto his sister, and said he'd always be there for her. They would never be apart. The family moved often, hoping from place to place almost yearly to keep themselves safe from any threat of the mafia coming to find them. But once the twins were nineteen, five years having passed since that night, they finally felt it was safe for them to find a permanent place to call home. Then this place came to their attention.
A place where they could be safe, where they would be protected, where they could live once again. As Naomi packed for the very last time, she lingered as she held the only picture of her father.
'Never lose heart Naomi...'
A tear rolled down her cheek, and she softly placed the picture in the box and closed the flaps.
"I never have, and I won't start losing now papa..."
Naomi Koizumi
Naomi Koizumi

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Koizumi, Naomi (Done) Empty Re: Koizumi, Naomi (Done)

Post by Nero Angelo on Thu Jan 17, 2013 4:40 pm

I had to change your class. Mortals are just simply mortals. Other than that this looks good.


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