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Lieutenant Trever Valens

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Lieutenant Trever Valens

Post by Trever Valens on Tue Jan 08, 2013 5:31 am

"Yes, I have sinned. But I have so many people in my life now that can help me someday find redemption. I have no worries. No regrets."

Vital Statistics:

Name: Trever Valens

Occupation: Lieutenant of Omoi Ame Police Department

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Species: Werewolf.
Those who are cursed with Lycanthropy; which is the ability for one to transform into a were-creature based off what kind of animal they were bitten by or what beast partially resides in their blood. Trever was born this way, spread from his father to his son at conception. Typically these afflicted men and women are forced to transform on the full moon or under great amounts of stress. Trever on the other hand was born has a huge amount of control over himself. Though the occasional slip up does happen, Trever will usually only transform when he wills it. Unlike some others Trever also has a true wolf form that stands at about twice the size of the average wolf. Like others of his kind, Trever has a weakness to silver. Simply touching it could result in a nasty burn. In any form, Trever possesses an uncanny amount of physical strength and endurance. The typical werewolf can also be tough skinned, strong boned, and also rather hot blooded. Trever's body temperature remains at a constant 102 degrees, which is perfectly normal for him. Funny enough this simple fact is the one that ends up leaving him the most vulnerable to being found out.

Class: Incognito

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 185

Appearance: Drop dead sexy. Deal with it. I'm the admin.

Elaina Valens (Mom, living)
Jameson Valens (Dad, living)
Stephanie Laneson (Ex-Fiance, living)
Troy Valens (Son, living)

Personality: Do I have to? Nope, no I don't.

Sexuality: Straight. Trever fucks any girl he sees, provided shes interested. If not he can always undress her with his eyes.

Preferences: Getting rough with a member of the opposite sex, whether it be business, personal, sport, or playful purposes. Regardless of being a cop, Trever gets stimulation out of the possibility of breaking some harmless rules. The thought of public sex is among the biggest turns ons for him. Instead of watching normal porn, you know, between human beings, Trever much prefers watching canine interactions. That one is the least obvious of all other preferences.

-His job
-Platinum (His substitute for Silver jewelry)
-Showing off and being dominant
-The color purple. But he claims his favorite is blue or red, which both create purple

-Douche bags

Back story:


"Growing up was one of the hardest things I ever had to do. That isn't even including puberty. I love my sex drive, but that was a nightmare."

It was once believed that those who were infected with Lycanthropy at birth only existed to serve those who had the power to tame them. Like some domestic house trained mutt. Trever Valens was the first child of a mortal woman and a beast who gave everything to keep the strange nature of his being under wraps. However, the birth of their child had ultimately exposed the hidden lineage that held the power of the wolf within. His mother, Elaina Valens, was terrified at first, both of her baby and her husband, Jameson Valens. With the stories told, it was a wonder she was even still alive. But their son was the runt of a litter that never existed, aside from him of course. It was an easy pregnancy and even more so an easy labor, unlike what the legends tell. The father was indeed a werewolf and so was his son, there was no doubt. However the baby was certainly a miracle child of his race; one that could control the beast within, just as his father had trained so long to do. Elaina accepted the both of them and helped keep their secret to the best of her ability, supporting Jameson's decisions and helping him achieve them for the family.

Trever's father knew they did not have much time before the boy grew. And the boy did indeed grow at an extremely rapid pace. Trever Valens' was erased from all records, as if the boy never existed and the family moved to a farm, away from the urban cities within New York. The two parents were shocked as the boy grew right before their eyes, reaching sexual maturity at the age of just twelve years old. It was a long few years after that. Until these days, Trever didn't have to worry about controlling anything. But his carnal urges were so much stronger than any other instinct. Sexual tension only made the real beast hungrier. Jameson moved the family back to the quaint suburbs of New York, after establishing Trever's new 'legal' documents the young man was free to do as he pleased with his life. At the age of fourteen, Trever was documented as a eighteen year old legal citizen of the US with all of his government mandated education. Obviously none of this was true. The male was just one big uneducated freak of nature. His mother had always done her best to home school him, but there was so much one could teach in such a short period of time before his hormones went crazy.

"The first time I lost control...something I'm glad I hardly remember. I just wish it was because I was drunk."

Despite his ability to hide himself so well, it was not long at all before the boy began to hate himself for what he was. Lycanthropy was a curse to him. The rarity of this condition put so many spotlights on those who were actually born with it. The modern day supernatural was in supremely high demand and wanted for many things. Including but not limited to scientific research, military purposes, law enforcement, entertainment, personal security, espionage, heavy lifting, and even prostitution for some interesting cases. It was common knowledge that such beings existed and even more so was it known what each rare individual was used for their talents. Remaining hidden for most of his life, Trever's greatest fear was eventually being found and used for a mortal's gain. Eventually the day came where he snapped. All those full moons without changing and the life stresses he encountered suddenly came upon him. During one of the most unlikely times as well; in the midst of an act of passion with one of his many sexual partners. The young woman's father was approaching up the stairs to investigate the thumpin and bumpin coming from his daughter's room.

To say the least, the man had interrupted just moments before the wolf's release. The stress of being interrupted at the literal climax was absolutely unbearable, especially as the full moon hit the male's bear skin through the window. After being threatened by the woman's father, the control came crashing down. Trever morphed into the half wolf half man being, and ripped the man apart, raped the poor young woman to death, and then more or less tore the rest of the house down, including the poor mother who was anticipating death as the beast came through the door. Authorities responded to this attack with great fear in their eyes. No one in these suburbs had ever seen anything like this monster. The beast within fed off this emotion, and its dominance over these powerful men of the law. Even with weapons blazing, there was no way to end the beast and its rampage. Eventually Trever stumbled off, exhausted into a nearby wooded area, miles upon miles away from home. He had left nothing but utter destruction in his path, so it was easy for his father to find him. Once the full moon was gone, the boy began phasing back, which was when his father took his son back home. Trever awoke the next day, panicked over what he had done and how he must of shamed and put the entire family in danger. Jameson didn't seem to agree. His advice was just to continue as he would. Trever has not forcibly morphed since.

"My college days were short lived. Great while they lasted. But I had so much more to look forward too. Until then, you could bet your ass I was getting crazy and fucking bitches. I was quite the delinquent back then."

After the incident, Trever decided to enroll into a prestigious law school. He wanted to get away from his parents, merely to protect them. Why law though? Of all things it was this his parents could not understand for the life of them. But they weren't exactly going to hold him back from making his own mistakes. So Trever left to live in the heart of New York City, surrounded by people; something he wasn't perfectly used to yet. Trever was a little paranoid at first, thinking that someone would eventually catch on to the qualities of his unique being. It was not his peers he ever had to worry about however, and once he realized that, he quickly set himself back into his old ways and habits. Drinking and fucking were the two things he was known for, as well as getting into trouble when his extremely high tolerance finally did fail him. Nothing ever truly went wrong and he never lost control so this was good enough. For now.

One day he was found out. At the age of eighteen the young man had received a letter that posed as a promising proposition for a paid internship at a law firm; law being the exact field he was studying in college at the time. The letter was sincere at the time, but the man he would learn under eventually caught on to Trever's secret. This typical pig of a big shot lawyer had the young man's stay with the firm secretly terminated, releasing him from the internship he had basically dedicated his life to and more or less was forced to drop out of school for. The wolf boy was simply broken. Discouraged and unsure of anything and everything, Trever reevaluated his life for a long while outside of the firm. His higher up had come to him and pretended to be the ignorant one, not knowing what happened and saying that the boy had so much potential. But there was certainly potential in this young man, but the kind this greedy bastard saw had nothing to do with the work he previously had the boy doing for him. This older man, Roger Harrington, had already broken the wolf's spirit. It was now time to domesticate him and rob him of the rest of his pride. The older male played the good and giving man then, allowing Trever to still work under him personally in exchange for the shelter of his large mansion. He never stated the kind of work he would have Trever doing however. All of his intentions were so unknown to the young man at the time. In fact the young wolf was over joyed to continue working under Harrington and gave him such praises for allowing him to take refuge in his gorgeous home.

"It wasn't long before I was chained and caged up like the dog I was. Perhaps I deserved it...but until the day I was free, I made sure he paid."

Trever had been to the mansion many times before this actually. He had met Harrington's wife, Renna, and daughter, Julia, as well as the family dog, a German Shepherd by the name Titan. He already considered the Harrington household a place of warmth, so being under this roof was not a terrible thing at all. But then it was time to get down to business. Trever eagerly stepped into Harrington's office and awaited the first tasks. He expected everything to be as they were, helping in things that required knowledge of Law and whatnot. Obviously Harrington had other plans. At first the young male was shocked that the first request was to help his wife make and serve breakfast. Reluctantly he went on his way and did as his superior asked. In Trever's mind they were still more or less business partners. But in reality he was now nothing more than Harrington's dog. But his loyal and loving nature forced him to consider nothing of it. In fact, he thought these minor household tasks were those given to him by kindness. He could have been burdened with much harder work in relation to lawyering, but that more or less was his career path. Trever never forgot that, but he let himself to succumb to simply being a servant. He never thought anything of it.

But after a year it started to become painfully obvious what Harrington was doing to him. After giving him orders to 'fetch' the paper and chase away the geese that plagued the huge backyard, it really just started to hit him. He was being treated as a dog. He existed to serve those who had domesticated him. Harrington has regrettably accomplished this. Trever could have killed him with the realization, but remained calm, as a lawyer would. He refused to give anyone the pleasure of seeing him act as an animal. Trever confronted the older man and asked simply why he never requested him to do any paperwork or file legal documents as he used to. The answer was surprisingly blunt. Trever was stupid not to already know. Harrington knew what he was. He was controlling the boy more or less and he was to serve him as the lower beast he was. Then he had the nerve to laugh at the angered beast before him. It was all Trever had to hear, but refrained from ripping his head off of his shoulders. The young wolf simply nodded and went on his way, taking the order to go pull up the weeds in the garden on his way out. Fine then. If Harrington wanted another dog, he'd get another dog.

Trever started with those weeds in the garden. Instead of pulling them, he simply dug up the whole garden with his bear hands, leaving a mess and pretty much destroying all of the plants. Harrington had left for work as his canine servant was doing this so he wasn't going to find out anytime soon. Like the fat lazy bastard gave a shit about the garden anyway. He was going to have to do a better job at this dog thing. But as he was washing his hands free of dirt in the kitchen, an idea sprung into his head as Harrington's wife had entered this same domain. Trever looked to her and told her with a straight face that he needed to go for a walk. The wife simply looked at him with a questioning gaze and answered that he might as well go before her husband came back with work for him to do. Trever then quickly came back and asked her if she really wanted him to walk around without a leash. The wife understood now and sighed. Harrington obviously had to of told his wife the reasoning for him being here. Renna told him how she didn't want this for the boy, her husband was so wrong to be doing this. She was evidently a woman who had no love for her husband. He just had so much money, why not let it be. But she could always use some excitement here and there, no? No one else was in the house at the moment so Trever tried the first instinctual thing that came to mind; which was more or less nailing the wife to put it simply. These advances were not denied and such sessions continued like clock work. Roger was gone so it was time to have fun with the servant boy. Trever wanted nothing more than to be caught in the act however.

Beside that, things continued normally for awhile. Any time Harrington requested the paper, Trever would bring it to him all torn and chewed up. The older man knew that the boy was spiteful, but didn't overreact. Both of them were being as calm about this as possible. They were both Lawyers after all. Trever displayed many actions that weren't typically socially acceptable, but all of it was to make a point. Finally he and his superior's wife were actually caught. Lucky enough on the anniversary no less. Harrington had come home early with flowers and guess who he saw banging his wife in the comfort of his own bed. The wife actually didn't care and Trever ignored him fully as he continued and furiously finished, continuing to ignore him then as he got his clothes on and progressed to walk out the door. Taking such a blow to his pride, this was where the older man finally lost his temper. He had let Trever exit and waited for him to be far from earshot, though it was impossible to hide much from a being with such acute senses. The husband and wife argued then for hours, much into the time where the daughter was now home from high school. She could not hear much on the content of the argument, all she knew was that they were arguing. She had let her distaste on the issue be known to Trever when she sighed as she crossed his path. As always, he took her jacket and hung it upon entry, still keeping his orders to treat his 'master's' daughter like a princess. Trever obviously had trouble fucking up that much. She was a very pretty girl, only two years younger than he claimed to be. The idea to have sex with her too came naturally however, but he held it back because he actually held a decent amount of respect for her. Unlike her mother, Julia did not know anything about his lineage or the real reason why he was here. More or less she wasn't involved so Trever would keep her out of it.

They held a long discussion after that though, helping her take her mind off the argument upstairs. It was probably the most the two had talked in the time he had spent here in the household. Within time the argument stopped, but it wasn't long after that when the dog started barking repetitively. Soon after, the smell of blood graced Trever's nostrils. It was a horrifying presence but he had to remain calm. He excused himself to go see what was wrong and advised for the young woman to stay where she was. She actually listened to him and waited in the living room while Trever went to investigate. Every step he took got him closer to the blood, the scent was becoming overwhelming. It made the beast start to tear at him from the inside out. The male wolf finally stepped cautiously into the large bedroom and was even more horrified at the sight before him. Renna Harrington laid unconscious on the floor, bleeding excessively from the head and out of any cavity involved with it. She was obviously dead. He couldn't sense her heart beat, or any other sign of life within her. Trever didn't mean for this to happen. He felt like a monster for this. But then he realized the even bigger monster in the room, the one who angrily stood over her body with a bloodied fire extinguisher. The German Shepherd that had been barking before was now whimpering in the corner with his head as far down to the floor as possible. Unlike that dog, Trever was not going to bow to this man and beg for forgiveness. The wolf wasn't sure what he was going to do at this moment, but once he thought of it he would execute that plan without a second thought.

His first instinct was to call 911. But then he realized that this man was a big shot lawyer. Justice would never be brought to him, he probably had way too many friends in high places. Trever came to the conclusion that Roger Harrington could not be allowed to live. The servant had first warned him, a growl erupting from his throat to indicate that he would not hesitate to kill him. The greedy man valued his life far too much to have it end here. The man turned to his human shaped dog and dropped the fire extinguisher before also dropping to his knees. He begged Trever not to kill him. It was an absolutely pathetic sight to behold. How one man could try to manipulate him for so long and then so suddenly be sorry? Trever wasn't going to have this for a second. But then he remembered the young woman that was still downstairs. What would she think of all of this and how would she be effected? It wasn't going to happen. As much as he longed to restore his pride, it wasn't worth screwing over someone who had nothing to do with any of this. Trever still had as much fun as he could though first. He made Roger beg. He made him crawl. And kiss his feet. Then made him further beg. Beg for Trever to take his freedom. Originally he threatened not to take it, to make sure his life would be miserable. Of course, he had full intentions of leaving this hell hole. After having his fun, Trever commanded that Roger tell his daughter everything that had happened; the truth of what happened (excluding the nature of why the two were arguing to begin with). Roger was to never tell anyone of the nature of his old apprentice's being. In fact, life was to go on as if he never existed. Trever was not going to leave until all of this was accomplished. And the wolf swore to the man that he would know when he told someone his secret and then it would proceed with him being tracked down and killed. No questions asked. Harrington promised everything to him then. There was to be no trouble.

"So I was free again. I went back to my old apartment in New York City and lived there to get back on my feet. I wasn't thinking clear enough to do much more yet. But it hit me soon enough. Instead of being a lawyer, why not pursue law enforcement?"

After packing as much as he could and making sure his cover was safe, Trever left the area and went very far away. He never looked back. He didn't pursue his career path of becoming a lawyer. He wanted nothing to do with scumbags like Roger Harrington ever again. The male wasn't exactly sure what he was going to do, but he didn't really care. He was able to take enough money from Harrington to keep him alive and under a decent roof back in New York City. He took up miscellanoues jobs to keep the cash flowing while slowly draining from all the money he took from Harrington. Trever was going to need a more steady career if he was going to continue living here. Many had told him to consider being a police officer. Trever didn't take it as seriously at first. But a good year or so later, he really thought about it. Instead of helping people avoid their mistakes, why didn't he just arrest those that initially made them and let the rest decide? It was a little more productive than his last goal. Hell, Trever now began to think it was a pretty good idea.

So Trever took the police test. His real age: 16. His legal age: 23. He was old enough at least in that respect to take the test and become a cop. He scored amazingly and proved himself through many points of police training. He was the star candidate in every way. His previous experience in law, his physical capabilities, his ability to remain calm in all situations. All of it made the male perfect. He was hired and allowed to wear the NYPD uniform. His parents who had scolded him for dropping out of school were glad their son was back on track. Trever started out with a pretty good standing, he wasn't just the average cop that stood around Time Square. He was driving around with his partner, busting down doors as needed or arresting the typical weirdo on the street. It wasn't always a dull day, that was for sure.

"Placing me with the hottest female officer in the department? Big mistake. We started out as partners. But it ended up being so much more than that. We fell in love. And yes. I loved her."

His partner over the years just so happened to be a beautiful woman, Stephanie Laneson. Blond hair, blue eyes, a petite yet upstanding figure. She was 25, and in the force herself for just a few years. For the first few weeks it was extremely hard for them to work together. Trever would stare at her or stumble on his words and she would more or less berate him for his rudeness and his extreme stupidity complex. They would get into arguments that would reflect in the quality of their work performance, letting chase subjects slip away or simply miscommunication in general. After awhile, both of them just wanted to show off to each other, letting the other be aware that they knew what they were doing. But two strong headed individuals in one place often still lead to failure. The two were separated for a little bit by the department. To say the least, it ended up making things worse. The two had grown used to each other, in a strange way. They both requested to be placed back in each other's company and things were much improved. They could value each other and work as a team, like no team could. They ended up becoming worth all the trouble at first.

Now that the two had gotten working as a team down to a science, a new bond started forming. They started talking more freely on their less exciting days driving around the city. Trever told her a lot about his life, excluding facts that would lead her to believe he wasn't human. He even told her about everything that happened with Harrington. Trever had never gone so in depth about his life, even to his own parents or best friends. Stephanie understood him. She told him a lot of her tale's as well, though they weren't as amusing. The two became extremely close as they began to express themselves, even coming to a point where they would hang out after work. Having both their uniforms off made things so much more comfortable and personal between them. Usually meeting in bars, they both would drink and further express even more stories and even secrets. A few times they had made mistakes in sharing intimate contact, but both of them would typically remember and laugh it off the next day. There was a this immense level of trust and comfort when the two were with each other, in any situation. Beyond the beast inside threatening to rip her clothes at any given moment though, a new form of beast was awakening within the male. Love.

It was no secret that the two liked each other, but for the sake of their job they kept things as professional as possible. The two both more or less buried their feelings away in order to keep things under wraps, hoping it would go away. But it couldn't be hidden. Instead of asking her out to the usual bar, Trever questioned if she would accompany him to dinner at one of the many well known restaurants in town after work, one he remembered her saying she liked quite a lot but never got the pleasure of going often. Stephanie was surprised, but after thinking about it for a minute she smiled and accepted. Not long after they had sat down, Trever found himself expressing his feelings to her. She was just as surprised as she was before, but her expression was strangely refreshed. Like something had been lifted from her. She said she felt the same way then. The two still kept everything professional in the workplace. But on the outside, they were together.

It was a very successful and rather adorable relationship for a two years. The two were no longer keeping it professional and even blatantly fucked on the job, away from the prying eyes of others of course. The two knew the city and all the cracks between like no one else did. They'd simply park the police vehicle in a dark alleyway, make it seem as if the two were on the lookout for speeders, and just spend the time screwing around with each other. Then when they were off the job things just got worse. The two would retreat to one of their humble abodes and just screw for hours straight. Of course, both of them had lead a lonely lifestyle up until this point. It was a beast in them long awaited to be let free. The passionate lovers soon began making plans for the future. Trever had always told her that they would get married, much to Stephanie's surprise. Both of them had never had a companion like the other. They were made for each other.

But soon a shift in behavior happened on her part. Despite his 'allergy' to silver, the male had finally purchased her a beautiful piece of jewelry that in fact was silver, unfortunately his lover's favorite metal. She noticed the burns all over his hands when they were on the job the day after he had made the purchase. He told her and simply made light of an oven accident, why he shouldn't be allowed in the kitchen. She laughed with him, but knew it was much more. The scorch marks in his hands appeared to be a small chain-like band with random splotches here and there on his fingers. Evidently not a simple kitchen mishap. But she asked little of it and accepted his invite to his apartment after work, naturally. She watched as over the course of the day, his burns seemed to heal. She took careful note of this. Trever didn't notice her worries or suspicions.

"She found out. I never felt so cornered in my life. Luckily I fought the beast and just let her go. I swore I'd kill anyone who found out. But I think this had to be an exception. I just hope she'd see through the fog and just see me in the end."

So after the long day, Trever had taken her to his apartment with the intent to present her with the necklace he bought the day previous. Upon entrance, it was typical for them to act romantically and make love on the nearest stable surface. They didn't break such habits, but afterwards Trever had taken a moment between sexual sessions to give her the box that held the gift he had searched much too long for, trying to find something perfect for well over a few months at this point. Stephanie had opened it and looked over the piece with a breath taken expression. Trever admitted he hadn't spoiled her often enough. He hoped this made up for it. The chain was silver with a silver uniquely tear drop shaped pendant that was encrusted with a strip of diamonds. The back of the piece had engravings that wrote, "I am with you, Today, Tomorrow, and Always"

Wanting to make this moment absolutely perfect, Trever repeated those words and proposed to her. Sure, it was no ring but to his assumption, Stephanie would like it best this way. Rings were weird and she didn't wear much jewelry other than bracelets and necklaces, things that didn't depend on wrapping so snug around a part of the body. This worked out for Trever as well, seeing as it wouldn't do him harm if he held her hand. Sure, he'd have to avoid her neck until it was off, but that wouldn't be as much of a challenge. Stephanie accepted his proposal though, hugging and kissing him because words were just not of her abilities at this moment. After calming down, she asked him if he would put it on her, a danger he did not fully think out. He didn't kill himself trying to make it perfect the other night so he could try to endure it again. And with a bit of a struggle, the metal burning right through his skin, he got it on her. But she seemed to know what this would do to him, and looked at his hands right after.

The look in her eyes could say very little. She was thinking about this, unsure but yet as if she knew exactly what was going on. She knew his secret. She let him be aware that she did. Trever looked away from her, discouraged. He expressed how he was going to tell her and that he wanted to all along. But then he asked how she was so sure. Her reply; "My father hunted your kind for years. He taught me to do the same. I had my suspicions...but you're an illusive one." She got out of bed then and dressed herself. Trever was simply shocked. He had met her father many times. He would never had guessed, nor would he have ever felt the older man had a clue either. Trever got out of bed and went to her side. He begged her to stay. Stephanie said she wasn't leaving him. She just had to think about things right now, simply he had put a lot on her plate, both good and bad. She smiled at him though and assured him that they would get married. She was going to tell all of her friends that they were. It helped settle the young wolf's nerves, but something was really tearing at his being now. She told him not to worry also if she didn't come in to work the next day, and then she was gone.

"I didn't think I could bring myself to do such a thing. But I did. She would never forgive me. Shit happens, I guess."

She didn't come into work for weeks now. Those weeks became months. Trever tried to call her endlessly but there was no answer. He didn't quite know what to do or think of this situation. It was like her absence wasn't even noticed, on top of it. It was an extremely strange predicament. But after those long months, Trever snapped. He had to find her. Enough was enough. Trever went to her apartment and broke down the door, after waiting several hours for her to answer it. She wasn't there. There was no trace of her. In fact, everything here looked as if she hadn't been there for months. The usually nice kept apartment needed some serious dusting. He did what he could to clean up while looking for any kind of hint to where she had gone or been taken to. Her clothes were certainly tampered with, about half of it not where it should have been. The home phone rang, scaring him half to death at this point. Her father left a voice mail on the answering machine, saying he hadn't heard from her in months and would really like a call back soon. He also said that it would be nice if herself and Trever to stop by again also. Mr. Laneson was a lonely man. His wife had died when Stephanie was just a young girl. Trever could now more or less conclude that a werewolf had probably killed her, which was why he was so keen on hunting them. Trever couldn't blame him for that. But for now he had to worry about finding Stephanie and figuring out what was going on.

She was indeed missing and not coming back. But why? How? Where was she now? There was evidence that she was gone and had willingly gone. But there was no clues as to anything else. He spent another month trying to figure it out. He snuck into all of her personal files at work and that was where he found more to his answer. Maternity leave. But that couldn't be true. She wasn't pregnant enough to just take off at the time she did. Further investigation lead him to believe there was something odd going on. He could believe she was in fact pregnant. It wasn't like she was lying, but there was something going on behind the scene on why she was allowed to take this time. The Police Chief had to know something about it, but he couldn't risk his job, seeing as he kind of went through personal files without anyone's permission. For now Trever would just talk to him, telling him the situation of how they were going to get married and she just ran off. The chief kind of huffed, telling him he's his boss not his therapist. This was strange behavior for him actually, so Trever knew that the man knew something. Trever begged for any kind of clue as to where she went. He was the boss...he had to know something about her sudden disappearance, seeing as he wasn't turning it into his own missing person case for all these months. The chief would eventually tell him the extent of what he knew: She was pregnant, she got scared, she wanted some emergency medical and personal time on top of her maternity leave to figure things out. That was all he knew. Unfortunately, that didn't answer a whole lot.

Trever continued as he would normally. Going to work and going home. He was alone now; something he wasn't completely used to. After work one day he decided to check on her apartment again, just to clean up a bit more in case she would come back once she had 'figured everything out'. As he walked there he left his first and final voice mail on her cell since she had gone missing. "I finally figured it all out. I just don't know why you didn't tell me sooner. You do know I'd never leave you...right? I love you too much for that. I don't know what you're trying to figure out by yourself. But just know I'm waiting for you, babe. With you Today, Tomorrow, and Always. I love you." At that point Trever wasn't going to beg or be desperate. He just wanted her to know how he felt. Maybe that was all she would need at this point; to know someone did care. She wasn't like this. So hopefully she would just come home.

Upon walking into the apartment he was shocked to find his fiance, standing in the living room with her back turned to him, in front of the house phone with her cell phone up to the ear. From what he could tell she was listening to his voice mail. Trever examined her, not daring to enter at this moment. He could definitely tell that she was in fact pregnant. As to how pregnant, she would have to turn around for him to see. Trever heard her mutter to herself, praising him for being so patient all this time, as she put the phone away. Trever didn't know whether to make himself known or not. Saying something, walking out, or even standing there would scare her either way. He decided to knock on the door he was still standing at and step inside and continue toward her. She was startled for a moment, but realizing it was him she slowly turned toward him, but refusing to make eye contact. Trever saw everything then. Definitely a pregnancy approaching, but no where near the late stages. It added up to the time she left. A little over 5 months it surely was.

They talked for a long while, Trever asking why she did this and where she went. He was strangely cold, emotions he thought he would not feel were taking over. He wanted to be so much happier than this, seeing her again. The opposite was being shown the whole time. She apologized and said he wouldn't understand. It eventually turned into a heated argument. Trever was more or less starting to say things he didn't even mean, things that never even crossed his mind to say yet here they were. Stephanie, being just as stubborn and hard headed as him also started to say things she didn't mean to. Of course at one point she crossed the line. He shifted again and let the beast out for the second time in his life and he more or less attacked her. It was just that one blow before she stood her ground, taking a gun loaded with silver bullets and shooting him multiple times with it. Knowing he would potentially kill her and the unborn child that now meant the world to her, she had to allow herself to do something. Of course, she regretted it. But there was nothing she could do for him but allow him to rest it off. For now, she nearly had her arm clawed off so she needed severe medical attention. Stephanie had left him there, with burning holes in his body and bleeding on the floor.

"I was transferred to Omoi Ame by her request. At the time I didn't get how the NYPD could just stuff me in Japan. Seeing everyone else here, I think I understand now. I'm just not sure whether she was trying to help me or insult me."

When Trever awoke, he was alone. Sure it wasn't the first time he woke up alone on Stephanie's floor in the nude with a pounding headache. But this time things were a lot different. Realizing what he had done to her, he more or less had an emotional break down. The bullets still burned like fire in his chest. He should have been dead. Hell, he wished he was dead at this moment. But having to live to apologize and see both their lives as well as their child's through, Trever fished the bullets from his wounds. It was one of the most physically strenuous tasks he had ever had to conduct. The pain was unbearable. But Trever would never get to see Stephanie again after this. The cops swarmed in, having gotten a 911 call about yelling, gunshots, and now agonizing screams from a young male. It took them long enough, but Trever was far from glad to see his comrades here. Trever was taken to the hospital. Of course due to his high temperatures and the severity of his wounds, he was on high priority. There was no escaping or getting out of bed to go find his fiance.

The wounds were healed after a few days, but the temperatures were never improving, remaining at a constant temperature of 102 degrees. It was an extremely awkward situation to say the least. But soon his father came with a man he recognized from his childhood, as well as the police chief, signing all this paperwork and release forms. Before Trever could ask what was going on, his chief told him that Trever was being transferred to Omoi Ame. His fiance wanted it that way and the three men were going to help him there. He was confused for the longest while. That city was in Japan. How could he go from NY to Japan? Why was the chief, his father, and this familiar stranger here and what did they all have to do with each other at this moment. Simply enough, Trever was going to be more or less released from the police force, his secret exposed for everyone to see. Once his father caught word of this entire situation from Stephanie, he came with the old friend who had more or less made up all the fake paperwork the first time around. The three of them together would get him a job elsewhere, where is secret could be kept safe, and where he could be with others of his kind. This wasn't explained to Trever at first, but eventually he figured it out.

Trever Valens. Real age: 19. Fake age: 19. It was the first time his fake birth certifcate actually matched with his actual statistics. The other paperwork from the police department stated he had just scored the test with flying colors in New York and that he was a prime candidate. However, he was too young to be allowed in just yet. The NYPD decided it would be best to place this upstanding and brilliant young man in the hands of the Omoi Ame Police Department, where he could thrive as a citizen of the unique city that houses many special kinds of individuals. Everything was squared away and Trever was shipped out to Japan. His mother and father helped him move into his new home just outside of the city to make sure he would be ok. He was angry and unsure. He wanted Stephanie to explain why she wanted this. In a way he wanted her to even pay for this. But such anger wasnt going to help anyone. He would get through this. Eventually. And after a while, his parents had to leave again. Trever was alone.

But for now he was a member of the OAPD, a prestigious group of law enforcing individuals who are specifically trained to handle most of its special inhabitants, as well as the mortal ones. Trever went through this training yet again, as well as the year worth of special training. He was agreed upon, being a very useful asset to the force once he graduated. Those above him never regretted taking him on. Best of all, they had no clue what he was. But living in a city where people didn't have to was strange to Trever. But he was glad he was able to start out as an Incognito, a hidden supernatural among the humans. For years up until this point he would stay with the force, and love every second of it.

"The orders: Arrest and kill everyone within the facility, no questions asked. I'd carry out these orders with not a regret. Little did I know, I was in the fight of my life."

It was a very strange few months for the Omoi Ame Police Department, to say the least. Who knew it would all lead up to this moment? The order was placed. Now the next step was to go through with it. Neutralizing a room filled with violent drug dealers was one thing. But apprehending an entire facility filled with monsters? And not the kind that many were in this town, no. Most of these men were mortal. They were playing with toys they should have never obtained. This went against all morals; creating artificial beings meant to kill. It wasn't everyday an entire department, plus some reinforcements from surrounding areas, had to fulfill and order like this. It wasn't to say these individuals hadn't meet ready and waiting.

Sergeant Trever Valens was of the young and ready few in the OAPD. After finding so much evidence of these crimes against humanity, enough was enough. It was time to clear them all out. Waiting would be the only hard part for this impatient young man. But the call had came. As he and his comrades suited up for the huge takeover, the male couldn't help but think of years passed. The monster he had hid from everyone in the world, as ashamed as he was, could not compare to the beasts he would encounter this stormy night. Though unknown to him, this mission would change his life forever.

The doors were broken in, the K-9 unit released to attack and sniff out the facility. Trever Valens and select others were of the first respondents allowed within the building first. There they took the entire building and everyone in it by force. There was little resistance in the first few minutes of active duty, but going deeper into the facility became a challenge. All rooms had to be cleared, everyone within arrested, all of their weapons and experiments terminated. The deeper Trever progressed, the more delicate the experiments, and thus the more stubborn the scientists were to cooperate with the law. The Sergeant would end many lives this night. As long as his past sins would be forgiven for ending all of this chaos, he did not care.

His the companions he fought beside were all picked off one by one with each room unfortunately. Soon enough he was the last of his squadron and not even half the facility had been cleared. There were other squads running around, the best he was to do was pull out or risk being killed otherwise. The stubborn male refused the order to retreat, and after removing all of his radio and most other police gear, he continued. The man continued no longer as a member of the OADP, but a soldier of his own personal fortune, armed to the teeth with weapons that were not cleared and not standardized with the police force. Ebony and Ivory were custom pistols, that like him were of his own design, and he would carry out his own redemption with them and only them.

He was a one man army for the most part, giving no mercy to anyone he encountered. The beast inside was more than hungry at this point, and wanted nothing more than to rip itself out from underneath his skin. The beast he was so ashamed to be would not have any part in this, and as well as fighting through the resistance of mad scientists, he also was fighting back his terrible curse. Nothing was more powerful against himself than the hungered werewolf within. What’s worse was being around such bloodshed. There was no greater enemy than himself in these moments. Each fallen body meant another step closer to becoming out of control. And how eager he was to rip into each and every one of these bastards as it was.

But every dog has his day. An assassin in the dark, a Verdelet, held a gun to Trever before he could fix his sights on the target first. The abomination fired, the officer reacted. But it was too late. The bullet was sent straight toward his right side of his head, but fate intervened. Rather, his own gun had. With Ivory being held up in his right hand, conveniently right in front of the side of his head, she more or less blocked the bullet. It caused him to drop the gun, but recovering quickly, the young wolf turned to his attacker and fired with Ebony, sending a fatal shot right back through the bastard’s head. Turning his attention to Ivory now, he realized the main working of the gun was more or less dented. A scar like that was beyond repair. His one of his prized guns was now dead. There was grief, but only for a moment. He had to continue on. Taking the damaged gun up, he stuck it back in the holster at his hip. He’d continue his mission with just Ebony now.

"That day changed my life. It brought an extraordinary person into my life...and it gave me hope. Maybe this would give me a chance to be truly forgiven."

But his journey was near ending now. The last room was to be cleared. This last and final room had only one man, standing over what was possibly the last Verdelet. This was it then. He fixed Ebony onto the man, and fired just as he had opened the pod. The young Sergeant rushed to the pod now, hoping that the beast within would not be awakened by the time he got there. She was still sleeping, thankfully. He wanted to avoid another confrontation with these, if at all possible. This was it. He held Ebony in his right hand, muttered that this would be vengeance for her dead twin sister, and pointed the black plated gun at the creature’s head.

He was just a split second away from pulling the trigger until a sudden change of heart snapped into place, giving the male this terrifying whiplash of realization. The male lowered his gun to his side as he looked over the presumed artificial being’s body. She had the form of a human, yes. But what was inside that head of hers? What if she hadn’t woken up once yet. What if she was different? “Who am I to play God? To end a life that hasn’t even started yet…artificial to my belief or not.” The male muttered to himself now as he placed Ebony in his other holster. There was silence for a moment then. The young Sergeant was simply too confused and even guilty for words. He had finally taken notice to the note that was in the sleeping beauty’s hands, and carefully took it. Maybe there was some kind of sign within.

”Trever Valens,
I plea for forgiveness from you, and all the people in this world for my dreadful sins. I beg of you. Please, take care of her. Take care of my daughter, and give her the life I could not.
Thank you.”

Shockingly it was, and it couldn’t be more clear. He did not know entirely who this was from or who this daughter of his was…but he felt obligated now. But why? Why was she hear? Where was this man who pleaded for his help? Dead. That was his only conclusion. With a sigh, Trever put the note in his pocket. After he had looked up to the ceiling. “Alright. I’ll make you a deal…I’ll do everything in my power for your baby girl if you do the same for mine. Take care of my Ivory in heaven…” After attempting to reach the dead, he looked back down to the one still here, living on the same plain of existence with him. “And I’ll take care of your’s down here. I promise. We both have sins that need to be forgiven…we‘re two of a kind now. I hope you can forgive a monster like me too. I‘ll do my best, regardless.” And with this vow, Trever took up the young woman. She was soft. He could smell the blood flowing through her. This woman was real. She was pure as snow. White like Ivory.

They were not safe here though. The police had this place surrounded so sneaking her out was going to be no easy task. So he wouldn't try. He left through the front and was greeted by the captain calling the shots. He was pissed at his recklessness to say the least, but seeing the young woman in his arms was kind of baffling. Trever explained that she was an innocent, being held for experiments. She was the only survivor of this situation. He Insisted he’d take her to his home until she woke up and would then look into where she came from. The Captain wouldn't allow business to go quite like that, especially knowing the young Sergeant’s reputation with other young people of the opposite sex. Rolling his eyes, he did his own thing. As he had done this whole night. Before leaving, he even told the police captain that paying him wouldn't be necessary tonight. For all of this was personal.

The Sergeant took the unconscious beauty to his home, placing her onto the bed in the guest room. He was confused now though. Why him? Who was this man and how did he know of him? Did this woman’s father know his secret? Maybe he was Listed and how no idea of it. Checking it online later would prove such a thing false, but it was really starting to bother him. Why? He probably would never figure it out so it was best not to question it. He returned to the sleeping girl, looking at her for a long time while dealing with the thoughts in his head. Eventually he stopped and pulled the covers over the young woman’s bare body. “Sleep well. With luck, maybe we’ll meet soon…” The male then left, closing the door behind him.

Walking to the main level, into the kitchen he placed both his guns on the table. After a long moment of prayer and grief, he placed the old Ivory in a box that he would bury in the backyard in the coming morning after the next, on his day off. Ebony was left out on the table until he could give her a proper place of retirement as well. It would simply be wrong to still use Ebony while her twin sister no longer existed. Maybe all of this was extreme also. But Trever treasured his guns like no other man could. They protected him like no one else ever did. This was the least he could do for both of them.

The next morning the young Sergeant went back to work. He walked into the precinct expecting to be scolded by the police chief. To his surprise there were very different words exchanged that morning. Instead of being released from the force, Trever Valens was promoted to Lieutenant for his great show of force, courage, and dedication the night previous. There were no words. The male knew the only reason he was being promoted and not fired was because many of the officers had given their lives to last night’s mission. There was a grief that could not be spoken, but he took the promotion with honor and promised his chief of police he’d do his best for the city, as he always had.

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