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The Citizens of Omoi Ame

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The Citizens of Omoi Ame

Post by Trever Valens on Fri Jan 04, 2013 12:49 pm

| .: | Their Truth Is A Lie | :. |

The people of this city are divided into four separate groups; Mortals, TAPT, Listed, and Incognito. Some may or may not be evident, but here is a guide for those who need it:

Mortals : These are the human citizens of Ōmoi Ame. Though these individuals do not possess any special powers or abilities, they do carry the power of numbers within the city. Humans also tend to be the ones calling the shots within the town via the government, big businesses, as well as social media. Whether a mortal character be played as large and in charge or just that dude down the block, is completely up to the player's discretion.

T.A.P.T (Talent and Ability Placement Team) : These are individuals of any race, all within one facility to maintain and uphold one common goal: Create a Database listing each and every Supernatural, what powers they hold, and nearly all personal information regarding them. Beyond having this endless list, there are some agents who are hired specifically to find the undercover Supernaturals, the Incognito. T.A.P.T claims that for the safety and well being of the cities mortal population, Supernaturals must be able to be kept in this database, The List, in order to trace them to a terrible crime or allow frightened or curious human citizens to know exactly who their neighbors really are. T.A.P.T also supports the city's more gifted independents, by giving out information to local employers. Certain powers can obviously appeal to those who are searching for such talents to recruit. However The List holds information that may be too specific for some; home addresses and family information, included. T.A.P.T agents have similar rights to police officers. They can temporarily 'arrest' an Incognito (Or what they assume to be one) until they have registered them into the List. If the found Incognito in question refuses to surrender their information, he or she goes through a series of tests that will more or less give all the Supernatural's genetic information, thus unveiling their powers to the T.A.P.T agent so that they can forcibly enter them into The List. A T.A.P.T agent does not have any right to use actual physical force however. In the case of resistance, an agent must call upon the help of local authorities, the Ōmoi Ame Police Department. Any Mortal, Listed, or even Incognito character can become a member of T.A.P.T, so long as the proper application is filled out.

Listed : These are the Supernatural citizens of the city that have been registered or exposed by T.A.P.T and placed into The List. These individuals have nothing to hide anymore, but with ability to use great power comes with a great price. All personal information on The List is open and accessible to almost all of the public. If someone needed to find a Listed individual, it really wouldn't be that hard. Some find this easier though. They do not have to hide their powers or who they are, and with the proper paperwork they can receive great benefits such as scholarships, certain rights to use potentially dangerous powers in public, and even an easy means of employment. Children of Listed are usually automatically registered into The List, unless their parents decide not to register them or if a T.A.P.T agent does not come to update the family regularly. There is virtually no way for a Listed Supernatural to go back to an Incognito status unless they change themselves entirely.

Incognito : These are the Supernatural citizens of Ōmoi Ame that are more or less undercover or living in secret to avoid being placed on The List. The Incognito pose as mortal citizens in order to prevent all their information to be put out wherever T.A.P.T pleases. These men and women typically want to be on equal terms with humans and do not care if they cannot use their abilities in public. Incognito is the politically correct term for these Supernaturals, but can also be referred to as secret, hidden, or even illegal Supernaturals. Contrary to the last term, it is not actually illegal to be an Incognito Supernatural. Every Supernatural citizen holds the Right of Silence, which is more or less the exchange where one trades the confidentiality of their being for the pledge to lead more or less an equal and human lifestyle. This Right is void once a T.A.P.T agent forcibly finds or registers a Supernatural as Listed. If an Incognito voids the Right of Silence and refuses to surrender their information to the T.A.P.T agent that has found him/her, he/she goes through a series of tests that will more or less give all the Supernatural's genetic information, thus unveiling their powers to the TAPT agent so that they can forcibly enter them into The List. Incognito characters have the right to register with T.A.P.T at any time to become Listed.

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